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  1. I see better looking wolf. Kind of rotten purple burning wolf. But not the bird :(
  2. Anyone think that the bird skill should use a bat instead? being forsaken, charmers will look better with a bat or a black raven (similar to the black rat of the chieftain) for that skill. instead of a purple bird. Please comment and/or provide suggestions. Ty.
  3. quiero hacer un chieftain dedicado para t5 avoyndil. los mobs bajo el agua hacen daño físico o mágico?
  4. Same thing Just happened to my guild 😭. Char name is Cocas, possible alt is that lv3 in th screenshot
  5. Hi anyone can help with a lv 22 Charmer build for Solo Farming mini bosses in Maliat or Tlasko. currently Heal 5/5, Bird 4/4 Stun skill 3/4 basic damage skill (don't recall its name) at 5/5 Physical Mace +5 and shield +5, however I am wondering which type of armor and accessories should I get to farm quicker Thank you.
  6. Have anyone found or have seen Horror accessories with both Health steal and HP Regen? wondering how a DK could tank if both are present. Thanks
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