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  1. “ Hi, I’m Bloom Heart, liable of freshness and sweet aroma of all living things that bloom here on Arinar. Why are you looking at me ?! Do you know my father ?! Do you know me ?! Ohh is it because of my dress ? I’m just a child so simple but loved. Let me tell you a story how this dress was made. ‘ Once, there live a half man born from the cracked bamboo named Gloom Heart. Ever since, he was gloomy after the last necromancer cursed him to never ever be happy. In his great sadness while invoking a magical spell for his plants – the spell is to make the flower bloom --
  2. Happy New Year From my Server To Yours !!!
  3. Power of relaxation: The mechanics of activating the skill were changed. Now the skill can be activated and deactivated at any time and it consumes energy while active.The cost of activating the skill is 20-22-24-28 energy and the cost of sustaining the effect — 3-3.5-4-4.5-5 points of energy per second (omg thanks for this.. i hope theres an additional skill effect while power of relaxation is active )
  4. I just wanted to know if I can still submit my entry 😅 I forgot to upload it by 10th 😢
  5. Long time ago, druids nurture bioluminescent wasps for they are Arinar’s greatest source of light during night time. These wasps also gives off a life energy that help any kinds of plant to grow fast and and the reason of the abundance of harvest in Arinar. Wasps can only be controll and summon by druids. During the great war, wasps were used by druids to blind and slow the enemies pace which leads the enemy to scatter from their formation. The scattering of enemy were the sign of sentinel to lunch attack. The bioluminesence of wasp makes it differ from an ordinary wasp for it lumina
  6. About warlock's power of relaxation, what does that "abosorbed by the shield" means ? does that shield related to necros shield ( u must be buff by necros shield so that relaxation wont gone? ) or the relaxation have default shield (dmg absorption) and will gone only if reached the maximum dmg absorbed? Omg im excited to know bout this . Cant wait.
  7. i like the resurrection thing in priest and necro 😍😍
  8. So that everyone knows 😤 ( interested or not ) it also gains attraction to the game tho .
  9. I have friends and newly met friends ingame who are interested in the contest but sadly we just heard about it :D
  10. I suggest that contest should also be announce in the ingame news which u can see before officially enter the game not only the proper announcement ( such as events, discounts, etc.) With this, players, who seldomly checked forum and also the new players, will know about the game's contest which is held seldom. We cant blame the game tho coz its our responsible to check the forum every time but thats why im suggesting that just add it to the news ingame :D I said this not because i missed the contest ( I really like to participate in every contest tho even not winning atleast for fun
  11. Crazy. Fun. and Noob. First family picture. I hope to expand my fam and aim together for the best with love, unity and friendship. p.s. Sml from nocturnal p.s.s. We dont sleep
  12. I forgot its CET hahah i thought im outdated or whatsoever im excited tho
  13. Spring adds Beauty to All there is . :bath:


  14. whats your guild name ?
  15. if priest used it to others , then priest will be killed easily.. they will be given a chance to kill priest bcoz of its vulnerability to stuns . so i dont think its bias tho hmm
  16. OMG inday binibini.. you won 2nd place! lets celebrate tomorrow at school .. winning this contest means FOODS .yey freebies its ok i lost hahah ill do my best in nxt contest and ill not lost to you inday binibini CONGRATS ALL
  17. When rain is not falling, listen closely; 

    You can hear the sound of a flowing river ... within. :bath:


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