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  1. “A shaman foresees events distant in time and space, discovers the place of a lost animal, forecasts prospects for fishing and hunting, and assists in increasing the gain. He is also a healer and a psychopomp, one who accompanies the dead to their otherworldly domain. He fulfills all these obligations by communicating directly with the spirits whenever he pleases.” Stated above is a definition of a shaman and I want some reworks on some skills without breaking the shaman’s role. Specifically, ANCESTRAL’S HAND and POWER OF THE EARTH needs rework or atleast additional effects on it as it was the most not used in sham skill. Any reworks about it that would make sense please. As for my own opinion and ideas, statement below will be the details and explanation regarding my idea about the skill. *** ANCESTRAL'S HAND I don’t see this skill as useless since pulling your endangered allies is a lifesaver but there’s something lacking in it for me. I will give you a situation where it becomes lacking. Ex.) You cant pull your endangered ally (specifically cloth user, very squishy) if it already got 1 hit by a sneaking enemy (seeker/rogue, using ink pots heroes, etc ), strong bosses/mini/elite mobs, etc. As for this, I recommend something that will make Ancestral Hand a trigger skill that will pull automatically your ally beside shaman once he will be in danger leaving a 1 hp (if he will be 1 hit) and activate the shield that absorb some damage so shaman can have time to heal and save its ally. Ofcourse it has a cooldown to limit its capability. Yes ofcourse shaman can do that coz they can foresee a glimpse of future so. *** POWER OF THE EARTH This skill is good since it’s an hp buff but a buff that will decay is kinda off so it is not used too by many. Why not just make it pure hp buff and no decays like charmer’s blessing ? Making it with no decays will be good or making it as pt buff instead but reduced its strength to compensate. Or just completely remake it that will enhance shamans’ arsenal in terms of damage especially that will connect to its basic attack speed build path ? This is just my concern as of the moment about sham. The decision still be yours but please make some changes about the Ancestral’s Hand and Power of the Earth skills so it will be used again. No more to unused but not forgotten skills pls.
  2. aoe heal in necro isnt bad compare to other supp class who have insane aoe heals. sham has it too, charm being more focus on being dmger nowadays rather than as a supp. so introducing an aoe heals on acid rain rather than dmg is a cool idea :O since acid rain mostly dodge on mobs so its very pointless to use this and as a supp necro, i will not focus my stats on accuracy. i almost forgot theres an acid rain skill hahahaha
  3. we just wanna know what is it and what to do regarding on that. then we were accused of being aggressive and disrespectful of telling someone to understand the point.
  4. atleast now we know it might somethin bug according to above message . we will post it here sooner the evidence.
  5. In what manner i disrespect him ? is telling people to understand something is disrectpectful and aggresive ? u too, you are not getting the point. read again the post please what it is all about. thanks
  6. being serious and aggressive is totally different package. there are people that talk seriously and frankly and wanted a straight to the point talks . if u find it rude to your side then we apologize for that. Also, same goes for us by judging us aggressive users where infact we are just being serious and concern about the matter.
  7. there wasnt.. from the start .. what u said is not an answer.. we know what draw is thats why we ask about this.. u just reply that as if we didnt do the effort and sounded like u favoring AFK elf who won.. u didnt answer the question right away anyway, once we post it here the evidences, we want to hear the answer atleast coming from u ..thanks
  8. this is the answer i needed not the other around. . okay nxt mermen we will post it here all the evidence coz this is always happening .
  9. u should've said it earlier if its a bug or not..not coming from us bcoz u sounded like it is okay that way awhile ago
  10. you are not answering my question. the question again is: if u dont know about this then dont say its not making a sense coz it literally have a big impact especially most of our guild member is new player .
  11. and u think we didnt do all the effort to destroy 1 pylon? ... anyway, read again the post.. seems like u dont get it..the point is, if mc didnt destroyed pylon, AFK ELF AUTO WIN..why? answer that . if its a draw, then why put an elf guild defeated mc guild .. its about how they put it "defeated" .. cant they just put draw or somethin that wont make them obviously bias?? coz obviously in FAVOR ELF AUTO WIN, and makes them a good name and mc sounded like a loser even tho draw.. is that how devs promoting dying population side ? a loser mc ? .. thats why mc getting smaller and smaller population !
  12. “ Hi, I’m Bloom Heart, liable of freshness and sweet aroma of all living things that bloom here on Arinar. Why are you looking at me ?! Do you know my father ?! Do you know me ?! Ohh is it because of my dress ? I’m just a child so simple but loved. Let me tell you a story how this dress was made. ‘ Once, there live a half man born from the cracked bamboo named Gloom Heart. Ever since, he was gloomy after the last necromancer cursed him to never ever be happy. In his great sadness while invoking a magical spell for his plants – the spell is to make the flower bloom --- there’s a small bamboo sprouting from his tears and that’s where I came from. He took care of me and dressed me. He gathered the finest silk and attached it in my arms to keep me warm. Big, cottony durable leaf for my dress that will last forever. Since I’m naturally born from nature, flowers grew around my hips and some on my head. Birds attracted to me because of my sweet aroma ~~ teehee. Ahm that’s it for now because father Gloom Heart calling me now. See you around in Arinar. “ (Missprite – US Sapphire)
  13. Power of relaxation: The mechanics of activating the skill were changed. Now the skill can be activated and deactivated at any time and it consumes energy while active.The cost of activating the skill is 20-22-24-28 energy and the cost of sustaining the effect — 3-3.5-4-4.5-5 points of energy per second (omg thanks for this.. i hope theres an additional skill effect while power of relaxation is active )
  14. I just wanted to know if I can still submit my entry 😅 I forgot to upload it by 10th 😢
  15. Long time ago, druids nurture bioluminescent wasps for they are Arinar’s greatest source of light during night time. These wasps also gives off a life energy that help any kinds of plant to grow fast and and the reason of the abundance of harvest in Arinar. Wasps can only be controll and summon by druids. During the great war, wasps were used by druids to blind and slow the enemies pace which leads the enemy to scatter from their formation. The scattering of enemy were the sign of sentinel to lunch attack. The bioluminesence of wasp makes it differ from an ordinary wasp for it luminates blue ligjt. Its also secretes bluish fluids that melt any kinds of heavy metals. Its bluish light radiates healing effects to sentinels but pain to Legions. The bioluminescent Wasp Queen only stays at their colony to lay eggs and takes care of them. The queen has 4 arms; 2 small and 2 large, she used its bigger arm for standing and waliking in small distance while the small as hand. When the queen went out from its colony, it radiates light equivalent to moon’s light and makes all plants go bloom. When that happens, the queen is ready to transfer its throne to another deserving to be a Wasp Queen by stinging. The legendary queen still haven’t went out from her colony and pass its throne for she doesn’t found yet its inheritor. Is the new queen isn’t born yet ? (PS.: im tired of creepy description so I think gentle description will do 😄 )
  16. About warlock's power of relaxation, what does that "abosorbed by the shield" means ? does that shield related to necros shield ( u must be buff by necros shield so that relaxation wont gone? ) or the relaxation have default shield (dmg absorption) and will gone only if reached the maximum dmg absorbed? Omg im excited to know bout this . Cant wait.
  17. i like the resurrection thing in priest and necro 😍😍
  18. So that everyone knows 😤 ( interested or not ) it also gains attraction to the game tho .
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