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  1. I do apologize if you find my post and comments aggressive/offensive. I made those in all seriousness and without an ill intent. Rather taking it as aggressive/offensive, let's just view it as a healthy criticism. I have high hopes on your ability and competency as an administrator. Thanks.
  2. Took you long to finally advise us to have this concern reported to the right section. Next time, read and understand the post first before you reply. I even made it extra clear on the title. We don't need replies that are not helpful, just like what you did in the first place. It's not likely for an administrator to provide unhelpful replies. And you simply made it sounds like you haven't understood the post at all based on your replies. Thanks anyway.
  3. I'm sorry, was my post hard to understand? Sentinels gets AUTOMATIC WINS / WIN BY DEFAULT even having the same amount of scores (which is 0-0, sentinel 0, legion 0) which is supposed to be a draw, right? I could see on your reply that you know what draw is, that none should get the reward from stage 2 of Mermen Trials. Then back to my concern, why sentinels still WINS AUTOMATICALLY when it's supposed to be a draw? Is this a bug? Based on your reply, i could see you haven't encountered or even checked this up. This happened a lot of times already. Do something abou
  4. Just like the title of this topic says, sentinels would just win on default even if they would just afk in their spawn camp. Why? They didn't even generated points to win the 2nd stage. If it ends up both competing guilds got 0 points, shouldn't it be a draw? This mostly happens on low lvl guild matchups. Destroying enemy pylons is a challenge specially with fewer guild members. Even if we get to damage the pylons, there's still no points generated as long as it's not destroyed. Since some sentinels would choose to afk in their spawn camp, generating points through kills is impossi
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