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  1. wew lol tpain is dancing gangnam style xD
  2. wtf u new in this game and u are calling me scammer :facepalm: u are ♥♥♥♥♥ noob, u and ur clan i not will try to enter more in the clan if in this clan there are ppl same to u oh gad :facepalm: :facepalm: must be many noobs lol too other thing zythus once said all clans do anything but anonymous clan haha makes me imagine anything as they are just a bunch of stupid that they only came to give away a suit or to tell others look'm anonymous clan. by holypriest 8)
  3. sup anonymous 8) i would like join to the clan char: holypriest lv17
  4. please,please block the account of taxor xtaxor he have much website in the game www.freemiracle.tk www.freemiracles.tk www.freemcoin.tk omg please block the account of taxor xtaxor he hacked player :sorry:
  5. i have a blade dancer lv 17 with 2700 of def, i want trade this player for a shaman lv 17 or more who trade? :blush:
  6. zombie rabbit is growing new disciples :pleasantry: bluetooth,weezyart,ednight,justkill,mexiicano is leader of clan
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