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  1. Easy one today:) FB- ask Sorsha at kamp-riff. The cup of memory is in hall where the entrance of ghost village is. 22.05.12
  2. Pala will be great. But as for islands, Moraktar's the coolest ;D
  3. Get a life. I saw you whining about ranger in several other threads :facepalm: I'm a bd but I don't whine so much :wacko:
  4. FB- ask Uter in Black Mist Island. He's the npc at the north-east corner of that island. 21.05.12
  5. Tess

    bg gloves and boots

    Idk.... I hope a pro player hopefully sees this topic and answers your question.
  6. Tess

    bg gloves and boots

    cc gears are better than arena gears. It's your choice whether you keep arena items or not. You can always get cc gears and keep your arena gears in bag. Arena gears are good for pvp of course. For myself I'm going for arena belt and cc gloves, boots. Maybe I'll get full cc gear, I can't say for sure because getting that much cc will take time. But if I keep playing this game for a long time then I'll certainly get full cc gear.
  7. Tess

    bg gloves and boots

    Yeah, I learnt by experience that u and alonso r right :(
  8. Fb- ask Noola at Somarra village. 20.05.12
  9. I just wish devs would listen to this suggestion :(
  10. Fb- go one map down from where fitch, ailment and crutch is and ask the chief of shoreman tribe (I forgot his name :blush:). 19.05.12
  11. Is it true that if someone hits boss first he'll have more chance to get drop?
  12. I don't have any idea about your skill. But every time I bumped into you I saw you using pots :wacko:
  13. If u mostly stay at riff then use scroll of teleport or be ready for a long walk ;D For fb players, relic is in the cave near the boat in Good Fame Island. 18.05.12
  14. EU- Emerald has a very helpful thread for relic. So I guess it'd be a good idea to have a thread like that for US-Sapphire too. Please post here the location, the date of the quest (i mean the day u took the quest) and faction. I'll start :) Melia at somarra village - fb 17.05.12
  15. That's for girls like us who gonna be forsaken 8) The devs consider for girls too as well as boys. After all, they don't wanna face charges of gender discrimination :lol::lol::lol:
  16. Agree :drinks: I know about Rokzz. And I saw Erikalt making racist comments in trade chat.
  17. See this clan's hit list at the start of this topic.
  18. Just becuz he has the most arena points doesnt mean he is the best. Look at his stats. His winning ratio isn't very striking. I apologise if I sound rude. I mean no offence :blush: I'd rather like to see jaw, koskiller or chronoz's arena stats ;D
  19. Um, sorry, I didn't notice that :blush: Is there any chance that u r gonna get a new name? Btw, why is Rokzz in this clan? Everyone hates him becuz he attacks only low lvl players. I heard even mc players hate him too becuz he is a runner. Shudn't u recruit ppl carefully? Otherwise it's gonna be chaos :(
  20. can pots be used in arena? Today i got teamed up against a ranger four times. The last time we fought I saw him use a potion in arena before the fight started. When I moved my cursor to his char I saw the icon of large potion of permeation under his mana bar. Usually when I press to use a potion in arena I get a message saying I can't. I've only tried life and spirit potion though. Can anyone tell me if pots really work in arena?
  21. Thanks for adding me, this is the first time I joined a clan :) But......um, can you please modify the name of the clan. I didn't know what ABN meant when I asked Timeuss in game to add me. Maybe the name could be losers by nature or jerks by nature. Just please dont use the a word :blush:
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