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  1. thanks sooooooooooooo much :drinks: :drinks:
  2. Admin. when you fix the quest bug problem :diablo: :diablo: i cant do the further quest :diablo: :diablo: rogue quest:Wherstone :diablo: :diablo:
  3. the stones quest is not work.. i can do blue quest to level up only :( :aggressive:
  4. the stones quest get bug and now there is no more quest for me..how can i go level15 :( :( :cray:
  5. there is not a bug . it need long time to get it. i just finished it ;D
  6. same problem the 4th stone is not work
  7. 9months..its enough to make a new account and up to level 20 :rofl:
  8. i saw a rogue and his normal hit is 407 :shok: :shok:
  9. chingxk

    real rogue

    go to kill some level 20players :facepalm: :facepalm: do not kill some low level players only 8) 8)
  10. 1.Allow to move the items in bag ;D
  11. i want to do this quest also. but i dont see any russian form party and go there to do that. :aggressive: :aggressive: ps i play ru server
  12. chingxk


    However.i dont think admin will listen to our suggestion :lol:
  13. chingxk


    i think there are one more Amplification will not fail below+3/+4 some player dont have many money...they just want to amplify +1/+2/+3..they wont go to +5/+9 but the items is lost in+1/+2? wtf...its really disappointed to players that mean only rich people can amplify their gears and player with no money cant.
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