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    I think after update I'm gonna wait a while before I amp any items. After all, who knows if there'll be an amping bug or not. If there'll be any problem in amping, then of course I'll know it when ppl start crying in the forum ;D
  2. Tess

    Future of bd

    Thanks for reply guys :( Maybe I'll concentrate more on my ranger. Good thimg is, ranger gonna be still powerful even after update.
  3. Btw, I think there's gonna be a problem with market. Weapons and armors can be amped. So will low amp/non amp/high amp items be sold at the same price?
  4. Tess

    Future of bd

    I've been meaning to ask this question for a long time guys. Paladin is the new tank class for fb/chosen side, although I guess it'll be long long long time before we get this update :facepalm: They have a small healing skill and a skill for improving overall party healing. Bd has sap. My question is, how much effective will bd be as a tank compared to pala? Are both those classes equal in that or shud bd players like us flock to paladin? I wasnt particularly happy when I saw pala's skills because I'm worried about my bd :( It seems in this game I always keep making messy decisions. I mean, after update, will anyone want a bd in their pt to tank? :bad:
  5. You're doing a great job liv :friends:
  6. Doesnt saffo have all +10 gears?
  7. Tess


    You're right :bad:
  8. Maybe they really are scared :lol: I would post mc too if I could, but my rogue is low lvl :blush:
  9. FB- chris in Normakon. 25.05.12
  10. FB- verald near kamp riff. Just go left from riff and you'll find him. 24.05.12
  11. The best gears for a lvl 14 player are all lvl 13 items from boss drops. I can't remember all these names and the list will be too long anyway. If you wanna buy those items then just say in trade chat that you want lvl 13 items for your class. If you are a druid/shaman then astral gears will cost more because they are better. Twisted stave is better than twisted charge. If you are a bd/rogue then try for lvl 13 sword such as acute gladius, it shud be around 10-15k.
  12. I voted for mountain panda. Girls can't wear black suit of chosen :diablo: I think it'd look very cool if we gank mc as a bunch mountain pandas ;D
  13. Maybe ;D You can use the four empty slots to assign hotkeys. For example if you have any item in your bag that can be used (food, potion, scrolls etc) then select that item and assign hotkey.
  14. FB- danair at nadir. 23:05:12
  15. Um, guys, why r most ppl choosing dk? Why not necro getting most ppl? What makes dk look so good? I dont understand. Pls explain. :blush:
  16. Decision made. Gonna keep my rogue :)
  17. I'm still confused :( Is it hard to raise a shammy?
  18. I'm kind of bored of fb. So I've already created a rogue and totally loving it;D Rogue is great for having fun. But I'm worried about what'll happen when I go second island and wanna farm. What do u suggest guys? How's rogue in farming? Should I create a barb or shaman instead?
  19. I joined only two months ago. I think I can relate to how u feel. When I first started here I felt bewildered becuz there isnt any sites/good guides. But the good thing is, a lot of nice ppl will answer your questions in forum :) Anyway, you get new skill points at every second lvl, like lvl 2,4,6,8 etc. 20 is the highest lvl. At lvl 10 and 20 u get 2 skill points instead of one. U can lvl up only by doing quests and getting xp. Dont spend ur gold on buying armors and weapons now. U get gold and gears from quests. Good luck with the game :drinks: P.S. This game has no crafting skills. All skills are combat based. Shamans and druids have healing skill.
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