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  1. Same thing goes for pop outs on Unity potions. They popped out from quest and I almost accidentally click. :facepalm:
  2. So can it be used before arena fights like normal scrolls? :search:
  3. What about magic defense, and fortitude,etc. How will those work out? :unknw:
  4. I guess it comes back to which class is better to pvp which class simple as that. :drinks:
  5. I think there should be a preference of who you want to fight in arena, like a certain class. I'm in favor for the 1v1 arena :good:
  6. Yeah great idea, then you can use this as info when reporting your characters back via screenshot etc. :good:
  7. Pretty good barb set ups, gives me some ideas ::)
  8. haha just add bows usage to rouge like way back then ;D
  9. The story was more of a spin off of a love story mix with how the boy cried wolf :crazy:
  10. SCAMER ALERT Queenlyssin, Kingfred, XkingfredX :diablo: , people always know they scam characters and gold, but the hard part has been getting evidence, so i got that for you warspear, i sacrificed 55k for the good of warspear, saying that i wanted to buy a character, they said money first and ofcourse they scamed, if they were low levels i would not care, but high level scamers, thats just unacceptable, if devs dont ban idk what elso to show them :facepalm: SCAMER ALERT Queenlyssin, Kingfred, XkingfredX :diablo:
  11. [move]Hunters Clan[/move] Over long period of the time the clan has been assemble 8) , all we need now are shamys, if you are interested pm me, Strikex in game, and just remember that you must: Be Lvl 18 or higher Have a 220+ Set Heal Last, of course share your drops and help rest of Clan gear up These are people of Clan Leader: Strikex (Barb) Barbarians: Strikex, Mastodonte,Ihtehotdog Rouges: Fluguy, Noelx, Iluvweed Shaman: Btat We are not greedy, We share, We hunt, We are the Hunting Clan
  12. Its it against the rules to sell (or buy) an account for gold or signs only, no mc?
  13. Currently I am making a lab team of 7 or 8, we will share drops with each other and gear our self's up for astrall bosses +4. We are looking for 2 shamys of heal +230, pm me Strikex in game or leave a comment below.
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