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  1. Or maybe some rework on Mana Regen system? Or winter gears?
  2. It actually a bit difficult to players with low quality/non-vamp gears to maintain the hp of himself..specially in high lvl boss and dgs
  3. Seekers already had Mana shortage problems...increasing the Mana cost/second in exaberation skill will create problem...attack speed and shield buff are good though..but expecting something more....bcoz ranger and rogue got pretty good buff Healers will be active again
  4. Finally you are able to see the real truth
  5. Your points are so weak mate.... Everytime I saw him in-game cursing others in bad language.... A leader who never respects anyone isnt a leader. And to talk about hacking, there are many old players whose account got hacked in the same way, then why vladeath's case is emphasized more than others?? You got hacked then report to support team (as what Higgings say Everytime).
  6. Seriously?? This is ridiculous.... What is done to him is completely unfair but I am watching here some people is exaggerating... All I can say that I have never seen any player as arrogant as vladeath.
  7. Yesterday I was fooled... I m lv 28 and one party invited me and tricked me to go in lv 32 DG without telling me ...we did it without any problem
  8. Many people are facing lag inside dg, final boss doesn't appear , disconnection inside dg etc.. please check
  9. People facing bug in dg 20 in EU emerald... Can you please check it? @Peony @Akasha
  10. Take time.... Just saw the release post in russian section...it's very very long
  11. Guys guys please be patient ....devs are working VERY HARD to bring Halloween update along with Christmas event in January
  12. Yeah but argument starts when you compared seeker with barb in last few seconds of the video
  13. Correct me if I am wrong.... If it is somehow similar like ranger blessing with 100% chance then [relaxation+shadow sphere] x2 = 1 shot death
  14. A cross-side economy ( mc-elf common dealer) can be a good option... As you can see elf's have more population than mc in almost every server if it is implemented then many elf's can buy products from mc side and we MAY see a good flow in gold in mc side and this will encourage mcs to farm/hunt more....though it's just a suggestion
  15. Atm seeker lacks attack speed and accuracy, most of the experts are pointless ..so yeah it's a good idea...and rework of other experts may revive the fallen seekers
  16. Matter of fact is that people take the game too seriously. It's a game after all, you can choose any class play any side you want... One best thing devs added to the game is the ignore button..use it wisely.
  17. It's beta closed now... I joined through vpn but everything was in russian
  18. Can we expect skylore online this year? Do you have any news regarding this?
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