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  1. i've almost complete all achievement quests i don't see how it bug
  2. I waited for 6h and it still hasn't start yet !!!!!!!!! how many hour does event start each time ?
  3. So amazing rogue have skill 40% attack speed/cd !! Time to gank elves with speed set
  4. i hope 2x drop is real, dont make me 200runs and got 2x item worthless drop like last last event
  5. server done restart right, ? but why i still see notificate in my game before select hero ?
  6. omg!!!! with this event i will finally be able to restore my old bd that has been deleted since 2015 😘 Thanks devs
  7. How many run more can i get enchanced book???? how come other player get those book after few run ??? this isn't first time, all event i never get any great item ! mostly bar/pot/sphere lll /common ! Can you please give a little help for hard working players??
  8. +more drop book rate please and i will spam dungeon more !!!
  9. there are many players getting book after 10-20runs, and i did 109runs how come i get only 1x expert skill priest? i hope you understand about hard-working player , they risking their life for your game
  10. i did 49runs dg and i got drop only 1x expert skill "Payback" priest -_- i would be happy if you make drop rate high for hard dg spammer
  11. This is 2nd day of event and nobody get any expert skills or any book !! CAN YOU PLEASE DO SOMETHING
  12. YEAH !! Change reward TOURNAMENT !!!!
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