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  1. Go try those classes you call op and try them urself
  2. U really want ppls to brag about their titles (if theyre unique such as legendary achs)
  3. And if bd sicks so badky why he hasnt switched classes
  4. The solution: dont waste money or skill points for those but for other, usefuk to u skills
  5. Why should they make new skill for bd. Its not that uselles Its just lower def+higrer dmg=more dmg reflected Higher def+/lower dmg=less dmg reflected Get less def and you will reflect more dmg
  6. Attack speed+fero=op levels of dmg Also get atk speed equips so no need for 4/4
  7. Ela did use those statistic skills too Why havent you complained about counter here yet
  8. Fero helps against anyone. Also bd has those expert skills that increase: acc,cooldown,damage,dodge and attack speed. Just go watch elasiri vs hassn in yt if u think that bd's are bad. If 2 players are equally powerful its skill that matters Is he trying seriously in that video
  9. Charmer with same power armors and accesories and lvl 1 weapon
  10. I dont believe that charmer lvl 1 staff thing. Go record video with bd,pala or warden getting killed by EQUALLY powerful charmer
  11. If bd uses full fero then everyone will die Srsly how much def barb needs and how much bd has dmg to hit 120 You could do like ela when he pvp'd hassn
  12. Barb doesnt have that many stun skills Charmer heal isnt that great Dk: yeah... well Wlock: there arent that many op locks with perma stun
  13. My opinion of op classes Paladin (idk. I have never played) Mage (op with crit and acc) Priest( op in pve) Bd (do i really need to say anything Ranger (op with crit and acc) Druid (idk about this either,maybe in longer dubgeons and bosses) Barbarian (op in pvp and good-great in tanking Rogue (op with crit and acc especially cuz stealth) Shaman(op in longer dungeons and bosses cuz totem) Dk(op in tanking cuz expert skills/dark shield) Wlock( op in war and pvp cuz possible perma stun Necro( op in pve and if enough cd op in pvp too)
  14. I have 15 words and 1 emoji If they replace statistic skills of bd with dmg or stun it will be broken Exactly. Ppls will mock other for crying when their class is nerfed and will cry themself when their own class gets nerfed.
  15. Ws doesnt have rules against scamming but bots,selling/buying accs and so on are against rules of EULA.
  16. Well kinda yes and kinda no. The law says about stealing but ws doesnt have law that makes taking items from wh "illegal". And you cannt just arrest person without having evidences that he did something illegam
  17. "Looks like". Idk. I dont use parry or shielding runes
  18. Bcuz how do we know that it was not like: he asked those equips for new hero and leader or heir said yes. Like it was asked irl so theres no game chat. I think there has to be video about you saying clearly that no one take items from wh and then he takes them. Also rules dont permit taking items from wh Atleast he gave what looks line shielding rune to warehouse
  19. If implemented right. So it wouldnt make game even more p2w
  20. You cannot prove that they did change. But you can prove that they didnt change either
  21. Or then he was inactive because he didnt want to lose more motivation. Bcuz u know...first you get addicted,then you play 24/7 and then yourealise ypur addiction and stop playing. And after some time you just want to play some more ws. (Has happened to me with quite few games)
  22. Jcbreff


    Some mcoiner could buy it to lvl 1 char and rekt map 1. Also it would make game even more p2w. And this has been suggested before
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