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  1. 9 minutes ago, Buckrudy said:

    But that doesn't make any sense. Neither class should kill another easily. Chieftain is a class with a combo of the best classes (Mage Ennoblement, Priest's Redemption, Barbarian's Stone Skin, and a higher healing than the Priest, gross damage almost equal to that of the Blade Dancer). With little investment, without much effort, chieftain is already a class far superior to others!

    The last part I 100% agree with. In my opinion every class should take hits with each other. Of course tanks should take more, others less so. Dmg classes should take more damage than support and dmg casters. It's all about their class and setup. An Abrams tank will take more than a Volkswagen beetle. 

  2. On 10/19/2021 at 11:25 AM, rafa9876 said:

    Personally I would keep the current effects and add something else to all factions.

    I have thought of something like "class buffs" that's similar but only affects the classes such as "DeathKnights has more defense lower his health" and Similar

  3. 9 hours ago, Kamisama said:

    Warspear really needed this rebalance as elves lack in pvp controll and combat power (templar is good in pvp but its ONLY pvp and have mostly no use in pve so far) and mcs lack the single target dmg in pve such as seeker. Im glad devs want to do it this year, ill look forward to it 

    We have rogues and hunters but not much else really unless you count dmg dk builds 

    3 hours ago, Deimus said:

    Don't touch on Charmer!! Unless if its for removing resilience of "wolfs"


    Sorry bro it's likely to happen. I do agree that summons and mobs having PvP stats will likely be too much so I do agree that they should remove it from the wolves

  4. 20 hours ago, Morakstar said:

    The max reward is only level 13,so not all ppl have it

    They wouldn't do it like that. It would be for all levels because they would want it to be fair to that specific alliance. Plus why add something new to a low level area? They want to make money so getting people to higher level areas encourages people with little patience and time to spend money

  5. I do agree. In my opinion arrows should sound like a bow or crossbow with the projectile sounding like it should hit say a watermelon. Swords should have a different sound than say axes or maces. It's not hard to get these sounds tbh 




  6. I love Warspear Online because it in my opinion isn't a solo everything hack and slash like almost every other mmo. I also love the social aspects of the game as most classes needs other classes to cover it's weaknesses

  7. On 9/16/2021 at 4:25 AM, zsefv said:

    Hello there,


    The way lab it is right now, it's well-balanced. I always see tanks willing to help. None thinks of lab once they unlocked Ayvondil map. Also, there are better ways to grind in the game once you unlocked t3, t4 and t5. Each town starting from t3 gives dailies that reward you much better than the lab in both exp and gold (even gives you additional items and mobs drop bars, def3, dmg3, etc.) Maybe in the future they will add a new section to the lab that will be targeting players that are lvl 30+.


    Regarding your rework for the lab nerfing mobs I don't see it happening. Lab was done in the past with players that were close to your lvl and there was no issue completing it with a tank.


    :yeah-crazy-rabbit-emoticon: If you find trouble finishing lab, try to find a guild/players that are doing it daily. That way, it will be easier for you to complete it if you love lab that much.

    I do see higher level players do lab nearly daily more for fun than anything. I'm sure you will find help easily

  8. 5 hours ago, Higgings said:


    They require you to be active; which is different. Being online - when you are in an active guild - is something which comes natural to do. Your aim is focusing in a guild which is active and eventually sponsors items in return of activity


    If it's true that counselling the money-way to make gold is a bad advice, it's also true that saying "go on with the game and you'll get good eventually" is hypocrite. This game - as the majority of RPGs - requires grinding in order to become strong if you are not intended to spend money. A player who likes the game will gladly stay online and will eventually become rich and strong. Nowadays it's far easier obtaining items and gold compared to how things were once.


    My personal advice is finding an active guild, but before that, you should focus on (even low amp) items and your level. With some patience you'll achieve your goals.

    This is true. TheForlorn (idk about other guilds) typically does weekly rewards. Although recently we haven't been able to as people are waiting for Horror events 

  9. 4 hours ago, Nolan said:

    We've had something similar in last year's Horror Circus, have a look. :smile:



    I loved this update. It used a few unique things that I wish would be returned. Although I would love to see a desert/jungle themed update

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