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  1. All the crafts of 25lv item wants 18-19-20 craft resources except ring and ranged. Ranged is 2 handed weapons so its normal wants more. But rings want 19-19-20. I think it should be 18-19-20.
  2. Hi everyone, Today I'm going to talk about Chieftain's "Bear's Stamina" that works wrong. Lets put its definiton here; Instantly restores character's health in the amount of [%A] of the characters magic power and adds [%B] of the character's missing health. I tried it several times, recorded a video to see what it does. And I've found that its second hp filling works after the first. Let me explain; Lets think a chief has max 5000 hp, 1000 magic power and A=100 . When its hp reduces to 2000 and he uses the skill, firstly 1000 hp is restored as normal, no have any error here. After that, think B=10, it should restore more 300 hp because chief's most reduced hp was 2000 and max hp was 5000 (3000 missing health), but it restores 200 hp because computes after the first hp restoration. Second work of the skill is really useless in that way, also if u restore critical in the first work, the second one's effect is really getting bad. It will restore 100 hp in the example above. Thats all that I will say. Thanks.
  3. Why 30 level spring craft melee weapons gives more craft experience than the 32 level ones? Did not check others.
  4. Yes 😍, I forgot it. But a bit expensive since it is the most powerful mana consumable 😕
  5. Yes, most probably it would be a good solution.
  6. I have 2x energy rings Great charmed cloak with wisdom crystal I have never seen an energy scroll in the game yet Having all above should be enough, should not be needed energy potions, it is my opinion. Consuming all my power on energy problem, and still having a need to use potions. Its abnormal.
  7. It seems you've not read my writing at all, the answer of the unnecessary question above is below. AND----- Do you know that skill resists with a chance like %90 even on mobs (I've not seen it worked at boss yet) Now you learnt it
  8. I did not mean %90 have 2 of mermen, I meant %90 of playes suffers from energy problem, even they have not any mermen sets. Those players can overcome with using energy regen items and crystals against me. But that is a problem too, they need to use many energy regen items. Energy consumption is so high bay the way.
  9. Hello everyone, I wish here is the best place for this subject, I think it is. The issue that Im going to tell is not certainly about the skills themselves, but a part of skills that so important in my opinion (I think %90 of the players have the same opinion about this) I want to give the example of my own character, chieftain. I got two cloth and two light mermen items that each has own active skills and chieftain has an active expert skill exhausting significant amount of energy periodically. Let me go deeper, I have energy regen attribute at all the possible slots, at items itself (on cloak, amulet, boots) and with crystals (on belt and on both rings, all great charmed), so it is 148, and have 238 maximum energy that is not bad. Total energy consumption periodically by two mermen skills and one expert skill is 19 units per 2 sec., equally 47.5 units per 5 sec. My energy regen is 74 units per 5 sec. in fight, so 26.5 energy last for my other skills for each 5 sec. But unfortunatelly it satisfies only one skill as you know. So, I am getting nearly max energy regen possible, but it lets only 1 skill to use per 5 sec. It may not sound like a problem by reading here. But it annoys so much while playing. Deactivation of mermen skills when energy is finished make me so angry while fighting, and Im going to use them again consuming some more energy to activate them. You should say use energy potions when your energy is finished. But it sounds a bit absurd that having max energy regen but can't overcome with energy consumption. I wish Warspear Team makes something about this problem too. Thanks for reading this long article
  10. Yes, Lets see what I suggested here Im happy to hear this update, thanks all warspear workers who has a work on this.
  11. Quest not found Ayvondil - Sea Graveyard / Trade Island
  12. Maybe here is wrong place to write but Chieftain's passive skill still has the info saying %3 dodge. I think no way to get dodge anymore, it should be penetration. + I used exp pot on my chief and server got down
  13. Mages have very much damaging area based skills. Warlocks dont. In dungeons, I dont see warlocks causing good damage much. Warlocks' advantage is only area stun (dark circle), but it resists mostly on many mobs anymore. I find warlocks bad nowadays.
  14. Hello everyone. I like playing Warspear Online like players do, and playing for 8-9 years including some short time breaks . There have been many updates including improvements, new mechanics, new maps, new characters etc. It grows fast, and always makes players being enjoyed. As a lover of this game, I think about a new feature on game that will make players very happy in my opinion. As all know, there is 2 main builds, pve and pvp, for both skills and items. Same skill build is not good for both pve and pvp, it is obvious, Pve and pvp items are different for many years too. I thought about a system like that: There will be 3 (one for pvp, two for pve) build Players can transit between each build without wait because one of the main idea under this system is changing items in a short time When entering to the sea, we change at least 3 (helmet, shoes and weapon(s)) When meet with an opponent player, we cant change items directly with pvp ones. (I don't understand why items can't be changed during action, it would be very useful like in this situation.) Skill points will be changed too with pve-pvp transition, because when we meet with an opponent, or fight in arena, it will be so good that our skills will be in pvp mod. And for some characters like charmer, barb, deathknight, paladin, there are mainly two pve build; one-handed weapon + shield and two-handed weapon. Lets call them tank build and damage build. Additionally, some classes can wear light armors too. As a barbarian, I like to play on each build. Especially after last barbarian skill that gives penetration and power with 2-handed weapon. I am sure that other classes' players will be so pleasure that having a system like that. Having two different build page for pve can really cause happiness. Oblivion book is being useless because we would have to use many of that books daily in such situations above. I tried to talk about the system in my mind, probably I am forgetting to add something, or probably I explained bad or not enough. But really when I play Warspear Online especially in last year, I realized that I am changing many items that I use and need each. It would be very good that we can change them fast, and it would be very good that some classes that I mentioned can transit between tank and damage build including skill change. It sounds really very good to me. And It will increase the gameplay feature of this lovely game Thanks all.
  15. Yes, I was thinking both of your suggestions to write here. These improvements seems easy and are really useful developments. Especially the tradition one. It is really annoying to select items on that one rowed interface. it would be really good to chose from an interface like our bag, as @0sloarg7 mentioned. Please consider them, thanks.
  16. I tried this skill It is written just about energy drained, but I looked at if damage it gives is changed or not. Yes it is changed, in normal game server I hit 1861 with that skill (4 points), and in test server it hits 1687. So, dmg is significantly reduced. Is it a mistake or done intentionally??? EDIT: Sorry, I forgot activating power of relaxation in test server 😄 Works same now in damage.
  17. Has it changed that 2 effects are given in time? Or this new effect is an addition?
  18. This skill is an expert. How the cost of sustaining the effect can be 3 - 3.5 - 4 - 4.5 - 5 points of energy per seconds? Experts can have 4 points, but there are 5 value there.
  19. I want to see a new button on craft screen that u can cancel the craft just started with wrong license or wrong craft. It is really annoying Thanks
  20. Thank you all. It is 10 minutes to respawn for baits now. Much better than 15 minutes. Really thanks.
  21. new Reserve became bad also, a bad new expert came Death Knight goes BAD.
  22. I had a pt And yes. I thought reducing of respawn time. Also a solution is needed too for the same problem caused by players who walk alone
  23. Hello, I've just closed the game irritably and come here. I was travelling on ayvondil fourth town for about 1 hour, but could not do even one bait quest, because many many many players were doing these quests at the same time. Why it takes 15 minutes to refresh. It is really much. Let me repeat. 1 HOUR BUT NO QUEST DONE !!!🤬
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