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  1. Same happened to me. I had kept my 2 heroes at Sam to help others with quest done and now they canceled quest :facepalm:
  2. We getting free judges ;D
  3. MC - Armor cliff tavern , ask Hock'ap
  4. MC - Bitter ashes island , ask Hyarvard
  5. MC - Bitter ashes island , Ask hyarvard
  6. lonequeen

    I leave Warspear

    Great Fnd , Best enemy and one of the coolest shamans in the server. Good luck for ur life :give_rose: And yess , don't lose ur competitive attitude. Rarely seen anybody fight so hard to win in a healthy way ^^ continue that in ur life. See u someday again maybe , till then ADIOS! :drinks:
  7. OMG!! SHY :shok: :shok: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. I was just kidding ;D Am sure we will have fun together ;)
  9. Welcome to new Guys , girls and Dramaqueen....s in the Family!! :friends:
  10. That's from leo's bakery for sureee :lol:
  11. MC - Bitter Ashes Island , Ask Hyarvard (after Reset)
  12. MC - Silty Floodplain , Ask Gordir
  13. MC - Light Shamans Camp , Ask Hyarvard
  14. Judging from those Scam topics surrounding Zain , i say no.
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