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  1. hytt123

    Max lv

    much hard work if max lvl will be lvl 50 :facepalm: if they make more yellow quests and mobs will give xp then its gool 8) ;D
  2. hytt123

    bugs v3.0

    half life point bug is back :facepalm: :facepalm:
  3. hytt123

    bugs v3.0

    go check adobe of black seal on map then go libery or go out of town then right and then down there is house,go in and there is quests :)
  4. 2 rangers can kill rogue with 4 hit
  5. idk but it works 100% when i use it :nea:
  6. hytt123

    bugs v3.0

    teleport scroll bug needs to fix,when i use it game will crash and then i have to wait some mins and then restart game :facepalm: :facepalm:
  7. hytt123

    Level 15+

    then u get lab quests ;D
  8. if rogue can tank then they maybe inv rogue ;) ;D
  9. hytt123

    bugs v3.0

    only 1 time but now its fine :good:
  10. hytt123

    bugs v3.0

    if u have bugs then you can post it here. :) i have 1 bug on android force close evry 25 min :facepalm: Please, report here about all bugs that you found and we'll fix them! Snorlax
  11. You are not only one :facepalm:
  12. sometimes quests will be in cave too :)
  13. My rogue is stronger now health regen was 99 before update now 115 and also hit is stronger :)
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