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  1. Will this time malee heroes be usefull in hunting boss or it will be like the same as last even???? And plzz any moderater replay me. :unknw: :rofl:
  2. I VOTE YES TO AAMIL bcos i know him from atlest 2-3 years in the game by now and he is my oldest frn as well as guru.He is a nice and helping guy Im 1000% sure u guys will love to have him in ABC :drinks: :drinks:
  3. i think the same thanx :give_rose:
  4. guys we should give malek a chance. i know him from past 2 years and till now he has been a good frn to me. i know he insulted u guys alot but plzz we should all forget the past and should have a frest start im sure u all will really like to see the real malek. so my vote is "yes". and i even request u guys to take him into consideration.and join him. thanx :blush:
  5. Altay got hacked :facepalm: :bad:
  6. thanx shy :blush: :give_rose:
  7. sry but for me minions didnt worked out good. sry kuz but its a disaster for me :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: its too expensive easy to kill very low timeing very low hp walks too slow
  8. guys im an active player i do all quest of swamp everyday.. being in abc2 is very boring. noone even come online in abc2 plzz do somthing for me to make a spot for me in abc main guild :facepalm: im feeling like im alone all the time :'( :'(
  9. Thanx guys for haveinf fath in me :blush:I wait till u guys b lvl 3 :drinks: I will join u then for sure
  10. Wow i got 4 votes :shok: :shok: Thanx to all who voted for me
  11. thanx bro for ur support and fath in me :blush:
  12. Hiii guys its me rapter. New name redxdragon :pleasantry: Can i join abc. Im a good player guys 2x lvl 18 rondel and full kw set :dirol: Guys i will b very usefull in arena as arena will also give guild points in 5.7 update and i can also help the guild by useing my mc if needed. I buy 8k mc in every 15 days. Hope u guys love to add me :good: Im waiting for answer :blush:
  13. Snorlax what about india ?? Its been a year and still sms payment is not fixed. Plzzz we need it back
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