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  1. Aikon

    The Beast....

    And again the Noob kids cry :facepalm: im not the Low BD Mtm! He cry because he cant be me! But its ok ;) And i stand the time at Riff if i played LoL or wrote with ingame mates, and wait for new update. But whatever Kids, you can cry forward! 8)
  2. Aikon

    The Beast....

    Hiho all :) Pueppi is gone ::) and i want to say THX! to all my "friends" ingame and all the ppl who help me to way lvl 18. Special Thx to: Asiasonne, Elvic, Spore, and many more, all ppl they hunt with me, come with her problems to me or want me for everything, BIG THX! It was a great time. Its just a game, yes thats right. But i like the ppl :) good game mates. ;) 2.1 was my time, i was the Beast in PvP and many bosse solo. My place was in riff and it was funny to see that nobody stand there or if i come they go away :blush: . I was the blond little angel and many other sweet costume
  3. Pueppi is gone ::) greetz to Yunzhii! It was always funny to fight, i killed you and you killed me sometimes :) Forget my words in pm :) i just want to worse you and my plan works you atk always me :) and that was what i want. All the other haters are whatever. Greetz also to Fizza in 1 on 1 you loose always but you killed me also sometimes. :blush: But many times you come with a group :P but it was still funny :) And dont forget ppl its just a game ;) someone must be the King and the villian. See you guys and dont forget me :P I play LoL if somebody want write with me. Greetz the
  4. ;D :lol: :lol: Laughing fit !! Hassn many times down ;) in 1 on 1. L2p noobs. Thx for insult ^^ dont care me ;) And Ciamiau you create a Elf char and insult every day other Elfs and also me! Someone create a char names "Pueppii" a fake char ;) and it also dont care me. But why the guys make this? fake char, flame and cry me every day? I can tell it you, because i am the fck CENTER of her crap life! They cant without me! Cia i want to help ok? It seems you have no real life, because you make a elf char to insult other player. STRONG! :give_rose: Get a real life fck noob and now you
  5. Ridiculous, nobody is the best. The ppl who pay have just no real or friends. They bounce with equip and spend all the money in the game. I spend it gladly to my friends or party. Knox bounce every day in game with equip. These guys are nothing in real, only poor sad souls they living in this game. :facepalm: And now you guys can go again to Mods and flame and cry. Ridiculous.
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