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  1. I have a question. does amplifying weapon until level 4 is safe? or i need to use sign of imperish when i reach refining at level 3 and so forth, need a little tips. :drinks:
  2. woah really thats nice :shout:
  3. Buying\Trade mcshop items for +10 amplified weapons in US Saphire :) pm me. "PaidToKill" :search:
  4. :rofl: he must be dangerous :)
  5. My Lvl 12 Rogue Doesnt Have anymore quest.. What is happening? Is this the end of my Warspear journey?. ive been doing missions like set Miracle fireworks, Search head of Yeti etc. all over and over again. After i've done the mission called "collect 24 pieces ofgift" and boom. no more Quest after it..ive been to all islands including snow boundaries but still no quest giver.. is this a bug? any tips?. :unknw: thanks.. my name in Warspear is Paidtokill.
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