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  1. I bet Warspear will earn $500,000 a month if this keeps up, and yet they want more money..... why Developers? :(
  2. I just say that cause I see many Bladedancer's getting shocked about their crit ;D
  3. LOL, that skill damage is normal for BDs since they have +4% damage, both +2 swords = both +5 swords for rogue ( arena sword ) and since they increase Flash strike damage ( flash strike = stealth + merciless strike ) tested it on my BD and Rogue, so with +7 swords u can do 1k crit, which is why BD are strongest Melee class and beats rogues on equal gear ( rogue = BD with noob armour, dmg, and invisibility )
  4. Yeah, we don't need anyone to delete off topics & spam, genius, I agree :facepalm: Mods don't need to have " ban " option, just delete off topics & spams and they should give a reason so Devs know if Mod delete non-off topic because he don't like the guy, then un-mod
  5. the green is the marker, me no show gold, me rich man, xxxxxxx gold :tease:
  6. me nia, me pilipinio, me speak good taloglog, me patay u all, u all beklas, die beklas die :diablo:
  7. This makes people Lords :shok: Anyways Let me introduce myself, Hi, my name is Mercurial Sulla, I like females Men, I like to hangout play with them in Warspear My house, I am 100% Straight not Straight and I hate love lipstick... nice to meet you all men :lol: ;D
  8. They should increase succession rate, I mean $500 for +10? are you kidding? this a duckin 2D for Christ's sake :facepalm: I can spend $50 on this 3D game I know, and enchant my weapon to +10 and in that game ITEMS CANNOT BE LOST and not all levels it will -1 only at +8 it will go back to +5, and succession rate decreases every 3 enchants... try copy that too, then Change " Sign of Imperishabilty ( or whatever :wacko: ) " to a item which increase the success rate, like example: +5 amplify = 75% success, 1 sign = +3% success rate and can use up to 5 signs per amplify, well I know you won't listen, you prefer your way - to rob people's money :facepalm:
  9. Left hand damage is reduced by %50, calculate it
  10. Globe would be good for the job, though I use noob Smart with noob 3G :facepalm:
  11. Yeah, Elves don't do that, they PM anyone and say " Please help me, big bag MC whop my poor assy :cray: " While MC go like " ELVES AT LAKE! KILL THEM ALL :diablo: ", Yes I know, I know...
  12. Maybe level? 1 lvl up = +1 dmg
  13. They are busy stuck in their wonderland with gay men dancing in skirts recycled by leaves with their magical unicorns, fairies and rainbows doing quests easily without MC army whooping their asses while they reach lvl 18 and act so pro with their fancy glowing skirts and overpopulated noobs with large ears gayly-gangbanging poor low lvl MCs doing quest in a 10 vs 1 gay invasion of gaydancers in fancy skirts.. Wait, lol?
  14. Is this a joke? lol Why would they remove aggression? Cuz noobs reset boss? Lol?
  15. You don't understand, Eu & Us ain't like Ru, if the Indos leave Eu & Us then the population will decrease, it will get boring, people will quit.
  16. strygwyr9


    Block only works when you are wielding a Shield,
  17. duck, I'm out of this gay topic, go discuss your gayness here :facepalm:
  18. I think that's the tattoo you put up your ass? isn't it? remember when my dog ducked you and his sperm made a cat tattoo? yeah that was it
  19. Nope, they can't do that to real men
  20. Me killing Sulla's noob ranger Izanagi ;D
  21. What you mean mcoin price? wat does this have to do with making Indo server?
  22. Hi guys, I just wanna announce the clan gaylords: Sulla, Marcin & Spanish. Please try stay away from them, or they spread the disease, and they will seduce you and make you try sleep with them, trust me they did that to many men, they wanna try get pregnant :bad:
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