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  1. xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD dead guild, still rocking
  2. Oh good to hear, thought you were leaving us, that edited "whatever" sounded really pissed :D and no need to feel in debt towards the guild, if you are ABC you have the right to have a casket, end of story. But probably you wont read this message anyway lolz See ya in game Mecha, we will eventually be active again
  3. I dont get it, you leaving because you want an active guild or you leaving because noone could invite you and you are (rightfully) pissed off?
  4. :( Seriously guys stop filling the guild with boys, ffs can't leave you alone for a sec :|
  5. Pretending to be a girl while you are a guy is stupid ABC is a cool name, I'm glad we aren't called DeFeNdErS of Eternal Ass of some other pretentious shit
  6. hey a bit of nice racism is funny and appreciated what about random kicking of ppl from guild? favourable or against it?
  7. Zethu you heartless bastard
  8. Gay for pointing out that using gay as an insult is bad PM shitzo to apply to join us
  9. Malek I think that what Shitzo really meant was that you didn't show enough will to join ABC. How many private messages did you send him? Do you have an idea of how many pm he gets every day? He is the l eader of ABC, tens and tens of private messages! Mostly from ppl trying to be in guild! And you? You send only a pm? That's very disappointing, you say that you want to join us so badly, and then give up after just one. Nononono. No shit Shitzo is disappointed and won't let you in.
  10. You are not on facebook dude ;D
  11. Your "everybody writes their daily schedule" was a huge success instead.
  12. Nono, it's hard work. Everyone knows that girls go crazy when they see a well done GMT schedule.
  13. It's not coincidence, it's hard work.
  14. Any plans to bring Warspear on Windows 8 RT? Even in the distant (~1 year) future
  15. Any plans (even in the distant future) to make a version for Windows 8 RT?
  16. http://rack.3.mshcdn.com/media/ZgkyMDEyLzEwLzE5LzExXzMzXzMzXzE3Nl9maWxlCnAJdGh1bWIJMTIwMHg5NjAwPg/462b8072
  17. Blame on me if Lonequeen wasnt off guild for the night, I was supposed to selfkick her and forgot to.
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