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  1. Ok added a low res version in 3rd post, now you should be able to see it.
  2. ? You dont see it? Just wait a few sec if you have a slow connection.
  3. I already posted a comic. Can i delete it and post another one?
  4. He changed equip at the beginning of the fight, then healed. Then dc or forgot to heal himself xD
  5. It's more a question for this http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?board=28.0 section of the forum, anyway in my experience polished skulls quest is better done in F10 area http://ws-berserk.clan.su/_fr/0/1618015.jpg , killing goblins. Moreover, you can simultaneously collect the 40 polished fangs needed for another quest, so double exp points in the same time ;)
  6. Blalala from people who doesnt have a ranger, as always. After update, ranger blessing duration increased from 13 sec to 18 sec, but its % of succes went from 50% to 30%. I'd say it's quite a nerf, remanins kinda the same just vs those classes who can stun for enough time to make blessing time to end (shamans/warlocks). "Always activate", rofl. And scatter shot suffers of the same position bug of area skills, meaning that often when fighting near a wall, you see enough space behind your opponent to scatter him, but the game doesnt and the skill fails. Also, I've never ever seen scatter shot doing dmg even if I've heard a lot of people (not a single ranger though xD) saying it.
  7. Oh yeah, killed and be killed by you many times, i remember xD Idk, from my warlock point of view roots is the best druid skill, it looks like it will never end, but I dont play a druid so maybe bees 2 root 4 is better..
  8. Oh hi, who is your druid? :drinks: My weapon is only +6 and I dont have a moon def set, so I can lose to many druid 1vs1. Do you have root at 5?
  9. Warlocks arent as invincible as they look, and they are balanced versus ranged classes. Sure more powerfull than any melee class, but also shaman/necro/druids are. Icewind I told ya how that druids can kill warlock, if you cant well, they are too amped/you arent enough/you dont have the right skill build. The ridiculous strenght of mc/forsaken at crossing is a problem and should be faced by developers, I agree, but wouldnt be solved by changing warlock' skills. Cooldownd of dark circle may be increased, but then AT LEAST it should become a full area spell. Again, go play a warlock before complaining.
  10. Be sure to start the fight with heal active and maximize root. I've a lvl 20 lock and druids can kill me. And fear and dark circle cant be cycled, at minimum there is a couple of seconds of gap between them.
  11. Breivik* Norway* 77 people*. Poor shaman Hitlef has his same misunderstandings problem.
  12. Is that a low price? I sold it 5 repairs to a friend('s friend).
  13. I add a low res version for the ones with low speed connection (or if imageshack has problems :facepalm: )
  14. You want to exchange or it's just a sympathy smile?
  15. Leo Acq

    Finally a Dad

    Can you love him despite he's a FIRSTBORN? :facepalm: Sorry. Congratz ::)
  16. Yeah, It's a lil too long and with a lil too shitty rewards for my tastes. I'm the only one costumless there :facepalm:
  17. Aww, that's when I got the key :friends:
  18. Yeah for the penetration thing you are right, I did the math wrong :D. But for crit vs resilience idk, as I said I have 28.7% crit and I almost never crit in arena, maybe I've just been unlucky (or you have been lucky :P) but I think Ill pass to half impenetrable/half arena set as soon as I get enough AP.
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