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  1. Okei, good to know, hope you'll fix it soon :)
  2. So it's not a bug? Dying by dot dmg is supposed to break equipment?
  3. And this is how abbreviations are destroying english language :facepalm:
  4. Done today and 2 days ago :/ . Eu emerald server.
  5. Knoxville the only one ive seen using some unique tactics. Most amped, that is the main thing for a bd, mah, Ginis and Zethu?
  6. That's because you havent seen her naked.
  7. I already posted a comic. Can i delete it and post another one?
  8. :D you are welcome then Lol, ty.
  9. Yeah lol, I was in the blocking mc party, but I think blocking is sooooo boring, so I took my ranger and managed to kill crushspell (only warlock left with me dc) -> by the time i go back on my lock, I found myself surrounded by a godzillion elves. ;D
  10. How is 9.1% acc? Dont you dodge too much vs ranger and rogues?
  11. Actually best thing I've seen you doing was with Sulla and another rogue (female one, cant rememember the name) vs my warlock and a shaman. Very good tactic, thaught me to be more careful and have fear ready. The "not impressed" was referred to the (few) times I killed you with my ranger in arena, and my ranger is quite poorly equipped respect to arena 20 average.
  12. Warlunatic by far. Sulla dunno if I've met him in this depressive mode you are talking about but didnt impress me. Others dunno.
  13. Elves doing same thing in emerald, and I've seen mc doing it too, same place. Must be a new trend :facepalm: Here elves are smarter or more bastard though, they are both left and down shackles, impossible to run away.
  14. Omfg you are right, that helmet reminded me of something but wasnt sure of what. Gariel should drop it ;D
  15. It's interesting, you should read.
  16. Full Everlastin winter set. Looks AWESOME (the head not so much)
  17. Oh why? Heal increases more slowly than powert atk?
  18. Arena 10 buddy ;D I guess heal 5 root 3, or both 4, would be best option for arena 10.
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