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  1. Oh shit yeah! I don't see him on much these days lol... Like I said if I missed anyone! just vote them!
  2. I know many rogues, so please if I'm missing anyone, vote for she/he anyway! or just leave it, I may have forgotten them or because she/he was probably a noob or a high-amped noob. ;D
  3. Vanityx, most beautiful girl I've seen in all these pic! this is a great topic! 100 thumbs up to the creator of this topic. I won't be posting my pic though! to shy lol :D
  4. If acheungg and stargazers wasn't on that list, I would of selected they all suck... sorry guys.. Cheung Stargazers Asshaker those are my votes.. and excuse my previous post, didn't read forum name properly :D
  5. pfft! sudden noobs :dirol:
  6. My vote: Spanish Uzun Blackbn Hornig Altay There are alot more But I haven't seen them all in action.
  7. I don't like this update, might as well just get rid of the labyrinth and berengars gaurds! no use it being there if we can get a full set just by doing quests. Plus these quests are annoyingly difficult, buying repair scrolls like mad here and I don't have access to miracle coins. Thx to the bug in the sms payment for UAE. This is would have been a good update if it made all the players happy...
  8. all I wanna know is SMS payment for uae fixed! or will it be bugged/unavailable permanently?!!?
  9. SMS payment for UAE PLZ! it worked before... and now it doesn't...
  10. OMG plz allow SMS payment for miracle coins in the UAE, I just want a barber set!!
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