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  1. I couldn't find a list of these so could you guys name the dungeons in the game and say the preferred level range? Thanks very much :-)
  2. I need help on the mountain clan 1st island... To kill: Druid, Bear Clan Berserker and Snake Lord. IGN: Beerbuzz EU Server. Help will be much appreciated and I'll even throw in some repair scrolls as a thanks.
  3. Yes. Use your user ID and make yourself a password: Start menu > My Profile > Menu > Set Password
  4. Thanks for the tips, Hitman. I've been enjoying the low lvl PvP today ^^ perhaps it's time to lvl up soon
  5. How come a lvl 7 can join 4-6 lvl bracket? I also saw a lvl 8 earlier
  6. It seems we get some arena tickets over time, for free. How often does this actually happen?
  7. Thanks. Arena seems fun so far ^^ is there a daily limit to it or must i really pay real cash to continue playing it? Also, at what lvl do I get to do dungeons/bosses for the item drops?
  8. I'm new and play a DK on the EU server. Just wondering at what lvl do I get to do dungeons/pvp etc? So far I've been grinding boring quests to reach lvl 6, when do I get to the fun stuff?
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