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  1. requency of using skills by monsters is reduced: Bowman, Druid and Guardian of Shoulder Season - amount of monster's health is reduced and monster's attack parameters are corrected: Ardent Needleskin, Cougar and Firedog; Scorching Solar; Bowman, Druid and Guardian of Shoulder Season; Herald of the Inferno; Grouse and Spellweaver of Decay can someone explain how you complete this dg? This is so annoying we own the castle what we get from this stupid dg is only losing life scrolls stam and hp pots
  2. @Daria @Peter_Munk please reply or ask someone who can reply Thanks
  3. Hi developers! we tried the new mythical tos dg. I understand you all have changed it but still unable to complete. Used 3 stams and stuck in mobs please give us some guides on atleast how to complete it. My guild has t3 castle and we want use free stam but unable to finish with full +10 people. The dg quest dont show anything except main boss. Please advise on how to complete this dg thanks☺️
  4. Atleast he cry about only a pot which is being wasted because of a sudden maintenance, unless like Mercs who always cry about nerfing mc skills when they cannot fight mc. Pff! Your guild might now be excited about 2 palas raging arenas! Stop making fun of others because when you look at the mirror it gives you your reality
  5. This is just a 200th guild tournament that unfortunately happened in middle of horror event. No use crying about low drop rates or anything special. You will have a lot more coming up in last week of event. Just make gp thats it!!!!!!!
  6. Please pleae for god sake fix this damn drop rate lol! 230+ runs just useless stuff if this is gonna continue many will quit soon, ppl saved seeker for these events, and anyways never get drops in other costume events too. Had been playing warspear for like 6/7 years never seen a game thats so hard to get drops at,
  7. Why are drop rates so low? 100+ runs no drop thats sad,
  8. Server server server dear server!!! Dont play games with players!!!!! server server server oh dear server please come back soon!!!!!
  9. Please dont use them then xd we are suffering cuz of that, lost many stam already sue to crash
  10. How many times server are gonna crash in a day? Lol 4th time that i hv seen
  11. Funny people take everything on their ego. No drama, play fair and let other play fair too
  12. If i say then u will say "guild drama", you know it why ask me?
  13. Not exactly sis:) its not about guild drama, its about how some people want to rule the game with extra benefits for having mods. So this means mc should also have a mod for extra benefits:) unluckly we dont have one
  14. You guys have a habit of nerfing mcs all the time? Why even make stories about balancing when u dont even understand what that mean?. You take back that extra dmg away for no reason Do one more thing say it loud and clear in your terms and conditions that making elf is way better than wasting money on legion side. Drop rates higher at elfs no. Of stuns higher at elfs no. Of aoe skills removing stuns low at elfs % of stuns working more at elfs No of damage making skills more at elfs Dear mcs: why even play developers make it so smooth path for elf because they themselves play there and just always want to b on the winning side
  15. @Daria these events are available once in 24 hrs per guild or per server? Including elfs and mcs.
  16. @Daria why do we not have castle capturing for avyondil town3-4 whats the use of adding only rotting garden dung and terminatory ? They dont even drop for high lvls.:) i understand its a huge update but just for guild buffs? I think guilds that are already above lvl7 have better skills why will they fight for something thats not worthy spending so much guild point?
  17. How are they different? I kinda checked both, they give same description of the skill
  18. @Daria just a small confusion i hope u can help out.:) hunter first expert skill and this new skill arent they same? Explosive arrows and pathfinders arrows? Please take a look how can u give same expert skill for one class?:!
  19. Rogues are broken class now:) they are just good enough for dg damagers. No permanent stun to most of mc classes where they have that with all elf classes. Rogues have gouge that breaks if enemy player attacjed same goeswith necro. No stun expert skill. Moreover they gave reflexes which was completely changed. Will u give back that 40k to ppl who wasted it on that skill after u changed its entire meaning. Asking them if even they want or no lol?. Every class in elf has a stun that can damage without removing the effects or i would say 2 stuns prr class in elf. And again u say game is balances really?
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