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  1. 22 hours ago, Speedom said:

    The shield is base on the level and the player hp. Is this a pvp related topic? Go somewhere else with that.

    Ofc not pvp related topic:) so if you can also maintain your comments specially only to the topic before starting on me would be appreciated too. And my query is still there if we can expect new skills as quoted in previous topics on forum.


    Nothing personal to anyone i am just saying my point, thanks

  2. 1 hour ago, Staks said:

    Not asking new skills before fixing the existing ones ,im talkig about warden blocl heals that slit stills being too much and about paña shield wich has a ridiculous cooldown 

    Not only cooldown but the amount of damage it eats is not acceptable too. None of legion classes has a skill that can absorb entire dmg for 6-8 hits. But lets see what they have for us in coming skills fixes or updates...

  3. Unfair?  Lets see what is unfair: Taichi guild is chinese guild on us sapphire whose players demand arena full day afk. When we fight with elf we enter with 2or1 afk chinese players and lose. This fair? 

    If one person holds them so they not enter is unfair? They use auto demands multi logging and more over share with elf, 

    every season this guild get 4/5 rank in top 10-15, i still don’t understand what exactly he is complaining about or so unsatisfied with? 

    If he wants i post ss and videos of those chars multi logging and afking full day in arena, 

    u better go to China server of game and fight more people like yourself: afk and auto demands and then come and complain about sithlords holding u or your auto demanding friends 

    crying is never a solution to and problem unless u are genuine in your request.

    good luck 


    oh yea!!! Feel free to ask me post afk chinese chars videos and ss. I would be more than happy to show you.:troll_face1:

  4. On 1/27/2020 at 10:14 PM, Akasha said:

    According to them, there wasn't a bug on drops from dungeons. I can only believe this to be a visual bug (graphic-related) or has to do with the synchronization with the info chat (code-related). Anyway, don't worry about it as long as you get some drops from dungeons.

    I think there was a bug because no heroic equipment costume or books dropped from any dg after it. If there was something wrong, maybe can add back heroic equipment for this week as this might be last week of snow

  5. On 1/24/2020 at 6:06 PM, Akasha said:

    Do you mean, you don't receive drops from chests? Is it only related to festive dungeons or it happens in other maps? Could you specify which dungeon you're referring to?

    To be honest not tried other dgs, i was only talking about snow map dgs, it doesn’t show costume drop on dg click and since after update didn’t see heroic equipment dropping too.. 

  6. On 12/22/2019 at 12:23 AM, Kamisama said:

    Im not elf player , but isnt shaman immortal too after this update ? 😂 i have shaman 950 magic and with 60% castle pot im immortal (unless 5 ranger kill me before i heal myself)

    Really? U compare pala with shaman? How about comparing urself with a druid? It was already broken and even after they reduced the skill effect in all lvls still it cd was lowered and they too have 2x heal. So i dont think ur comparison here makes any sense. Pala is suppose to be a tank class. Like pala absorb 100% dmg for 3-4 hits on itself and ally, what are u hitting on when u meet full 10 bd and pala who have stuns plus shield absorbing 100% dmg making ur hp half or even lower by the time u get a chance to even hit them? I guess then they should give 3 dodge back to rogues if a skill is developed above 3-4 lvl. The update was about balancing elf mc not buffing already broken classes. 

    And just like fetters to work if they increase it to lv 4-5 then they should give charge 100% stun if the skill is developed over 3-5 lv too, 

  7. 49 minutes ago, Peony said:


    When the skill is developed above level 3 and when the skill is applied to an ally, a paladin also receives a protective barrier

    That was not wat is said why always buff them? They already have high heals like 4-5k with all sorts of pots and scrolls and already it absorbed 100% dmg too for like 3-4 hits. This is way absurd in arena

  8. 4 hours ago, Xianshi said:

    Remember 4-6 yrs ago MCs always cry on forum in-game complaining to support team spamming world chat everyday non -stop to nerf bd or you forgot?

    Did they act on mc cry that fast? Bd’s counter stayed for good amount of time. Even after bds were nerfed on counter, they always got best skills in game after that small time nerf. Same happened with pala fetters, thy cried so much that the change on fetters was done according to cry babies. And now when it is about wardens crying again.... so yes I haven’t forgotten anything. Mc cry=useless. Elf cry= always acted upon.🤪🤪

  9. 1 hour ago, Crypta said:

    Fact is all wardens which not +9/10 will hardly struggle without a healer. Im not sure if this is it what aigrind want. Most of the wardens will be useless soon and when they low HP and Finaly able to get a high block , they will die in lack of low amp. 

    No necroma im not crying about myself , my warden is full +10 and many books.

    I know u full 10 and the fact wardens crying about nerf is not a big deal, i think time for elf to farm nocturna and use mana regen on rings belt etc.. if this update was to some extent about making balance in game, then still it is not because they have still not corrected barb stone skin enough which goes away because of retribution, and in real world scenario even a 25% block barb still get much real hits instead blocks. Crying doesnt help but suggesting with grace might.

  10. This was supposed to come from elf... this game is more elf oriented. Its like when they got wardens they cried now thy make it a lil balance still crying. When they made pala class a bit balanced they cried, Is this a habit for elf playing chars to always cry or they just love cry like small kids to get everything they want? 

  11. Paladin are already over powered with heal i have seen them doing crazy heal with castle pots and mgc dmg pots, and shield at 4/4 absorbing 4x hits on all players including them is absurd. If only shield cannot be applied on themselves doesnt make them weak as they have heavy heal skill from last skill update, so i think crying over paladins like in last update and getting back fetters at 4/4, go for it thats all remaining to be done to make ur class superior. Good luck 

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