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  1. Are you developing any system to convert mcoin to gold directly cuz I don't want to waste time selling products
  2. what development on the part of conversion of mcoins to gold directly
  3. want to know about Rouge Skill setup (both Expert and normal for lvl 18), can anyone help?
  4. KILLVISH-THE RAGED LION There are many mysterious places revealed till now but there are few not revealed yet. One such place is the cave of Hydra in the Nowlant Swamps, where lived "Killvish-The Raged Lion" peacefully. But the continuous calling and killing of Hydra and the Noise made him mad and he somehow managed to escape the swamps and move to Ayvondil. He stayed at the Part of Ayvondil which is yet to be explored by the Senitials and the Legions. He is there to hunt down the Senitials as well as the Legions due to the disturbance they created to him. Expert Skill:- 1)
  5. yea CC tours boring now , Change the rewards back to the costumes
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