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  1. почему так сложно дг. больше не было возможности сделать их сложнее
  2. Like you message . I hope they make some arrangements or the event is over for many players
  3. Who cares about this publication to anyone, not even to those who publish it. You have everything ready because you wait longer
  4. all the games already have the hallowen event less this. By the way that of that weekend of 50% of all the runes and crystals the last time I saw that offer was in 1980 I think I remember that times those. again
  5. Horrible ad. It has almost no information if you leave the page blank until it would come out more and useful training.
  6. When you come to Spain you have a beer or two paid
  7. reivenorik..... have when you go through Spain the beer you have paid.
  8. for when new equipment Cc?? all costum personal and equipmemt level 20 lol.....
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