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  1. Please devs listen add new system passcode to lock and unlock items or login for ask 2nd password. If you add that system I make sure all Scammers/hackers never steal info players again. Btw Useless unbind 399mcoins make 399 to 2000mcoins.
  2. Aw i already drink great knowledge potion 1-2hrs ago sorry roland
  3. Is easy to kill black elm if we team work hahahaha
  4. Hahaha there more bug in arena. I can fight with mc side how so nice bug
  5. Finally claw bloody, star shadow and kronus outfit is equip. No more none hahahaha
  6. I can wait any time, take your time and fixed everything no more problem
  7. Free kiss and free hug pm me don't be shine on me, Roland you want kiss or hug?
  8. why Zach hate THEMERCS?....... Julia you know what happened?????
  9. Damn I can't wait now please hurry up, is my chance get something stuffs in event
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