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  1. So devs support all hacker and scammers?
  2. Please devs listen add new system passcode to lock and unlock items or login for ask 2nd password. If you add that system I make sure all Scammers/hackers never steal info players again. Btw Useless unbind 399mcoins make 399 to 2000mcoins.
  3. eddysonz

    [2015.10.01] Game servers stop!

    Aw i already drink great knowledge potion 1-2hrs ago sorry roland
  4. eddysonz

    [2015.09.16] Game servers stop!

    Is easy to kill black elm if we team work hahahaha
  5. Hahaha there more bug in arena. I can fight with mc side how so nice bug
  6. Prefect I got good pots hp n mana I really love it
  7. i love new update there was I needed now
  8. Better wait open chests hihihi no rush urself
  9. Finally claw bloody, star shadow and kronus outfit is equip. No more none hahahaha
  10. we can dowload new version?????????