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  1. this is a gift from one of our clan members, necrophyle, great talent
  2. :lol: :lol: read my statements again. or maybe use a translator. looks like u dint understand. did i use english that is too hard to understand? :facepalm: but nah. im done. you win congrats ive lowered myself too much giving attention to you which i shouldnt have done in the first place. :rofl: post all pics about me again after this. id appreciate it i love the attention :blush: but i promise u wont see any of my post about you. i just realized, i dont need to be like you ::)
  3. lie about what? about how u killed my 2 chars in kotaravva "alone" u are obvioulsy alone in the picture :lol: and how u came on to mc to pm ascetic that ure coming to america to kill him in real. lets see whats he gonna say once he gets on here :rofl:
  4. tell that to him. why tell me? :lol: :lol: funny how yall still cant get over me calling me noob and everything and still waste time talking aboutme. i see it clearly, i obviously made so much impact on ur life that u cant get over me nor recover :pleasantry: coz if im wrong, u wont be wasting time posting here talking to me ::)
  5. oh really? im poorest? ok then im poorest. so whats ur point? :crazy: ure good in this game? nobody can touch you? and look how long time ago that screenshot is, ascetic got white hair before swamp was out, when swamp came ascetic got black hair again. and i remember he killed u in 2 hits in ur pvp in the middle of the swamp days. :lol:
  6. whats d connection? who mentioned about farming eye? yea and ure pro?? threatening ascetic that ull kill him in real coz he killed u in ur pvp by 2hits :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :bad:
  7. like i said i dont know where this should go, mr.snorly please move this to suggestion forum :blush:
  8. i heard he's coming back next month. zeinnaaa was back last night. he was saying, him and miguel is coming back :lol:
  9. keizsha kiyomi vs reu? coz i know it was not just you vs my 2 chars and i was dual logged. u want me to show the screen coz i still have it ::) lets see who's lying. and wow who gave u the information about B2K with only 3 people? its funny coz i still receive more than 100messages a day from all clan members in clan chat :lol: and we are good with the few loyal members and trainees, we dont need people who would just use us for gears.
  10. there's someone kissing the floor on the pic :shok:
  11. where's the video? :lol: post it now. look at ur screenshot, one of the elf behind u posted in area, and busy in hydra? u havent called hydra. i was there 5mins before u came. liar :crazy:
  12. awwww u were sleeping for a long time, byebye blessing :rofl: :lol: runner? why didnt u take pic of the other elves behind you? 2 parties. lmfao im not stupid to stay and fight you coz im pretty sure ull yell to them to ask help as usual, :bad: just watch ur back on shackles if u catch u, ill make u fail revive again like before (reu revive, reu slept, reu dead again) :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: , shackle towers are my favorite mobs in-game ::)
  13. :facepalm: i think he's bored as usual
  14. PrettyPinay

    Six shadows

    3 person quest, 1 necro, 1 shaman(to tank), 1 dk 8) or 1 shaman, 2 necros and quest done :spiteful:
  15. always take the current hydra quest, not the old quest. if u have the old quest still, definitely ull get 2m hp hydra.
  16. transform shamans to a hydra :lol:
  17. this happens to my shaman a lot too, specially in pvp and arena, it just turns to the clicked color but not casting and grayed out for a few seconds then it'll just revert back to the normal color without anything happening at all. :facepalm:
  18. i went deep in the sapphire forum and found popsy's topic wonder where these guys are now. i miss lilarexii :(
  19. SO WHEN WILL THIS BE? been waiting for days. :crazy:
  20. testing something out :blush: who are in party??
  21. :facepalm: he would pm me just to make sure his new char isnt on my ignore
  22. they think its a bazooka. blessing 100% :lol:
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