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  1. New update please delete mini bag... Lol newbie get 10slot inventory..! Quest bag is bug.. Give more quest for get bag... :aggressive:
  2. Lucky u alive in us sapphire :pleasantry:
  3. Not very old ;D warspear age is 1year
  4. I need miracle coin please make sms payment for my country... My paypal acount get baned and i use acount bank my mam XD please make sms payment for malaysia player
  5. Oh now i know why this quest never done... ;D
  6. Kid

    Please Help Me

    Hj guys i need help who know quest for get xtra 5 slot bag... Why monster not drop meat or letter :aggressive:
  7. I want say HAI SULLA :crazy: im here now... New home new forum new spamer..! Haha just kidding :yahoo: horeee~
  8. In malaysia not support sms payment... Why..? Hard to get premi :sorry:
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