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  1. I used up about 6k mcoins to get to +7 and 22 fails already and haven't even got +8 yet. I think the success rate is very low and depends on luck. I don't know how much fails it will take to get to +10.
  2. I also wrote to support telling about this and also asked support to tell us which operator they chosed for germany but still no reply,i already bought 4 different sim cards, all of them not working. Its better if they(support) tell us for which country which operator they choose. It will save us lots of hardship. If we complain they say write to support and when we write to support,then they dont reply. Hope support reply soon.
  3. Does anyone knows which operator's sms working in germany to get mcoins? I using vodafone and its not working .
  4. I think that staff looks like mine lol.. :)
  5. I don't understand why shaman are saying that druid heal has increased? My heal was 233 before and now 215. And a shaman with same items as me can heal 208 or something. I got a lvl15 shaman and lvl18 druid. And everyone knows that druid is weak 1vs1 with a shaman. Blind is far better than our entangle as in entangle the other guy can still use normal hits but in blind we cant. So a shaman gets two hits advantage n its like 400plus damage( and in 1v1 we can use entangle or blind two time,that means 800dmg advantage). And with our +10 heal than shaman u guys think we stronger. How much more hp we druids can regen over a battle with +10 more heal than shaman? And i saw people complaining abt bees also,bees may reduce crit but crit is a chance,i crit more with 14 percent crit sometimes than 22 percent crit,so bees doesnt help us a lot. A earthquawe is better than bee. So now you shamans want same heal as druid? I always read abt shaman complaining but never comented and i own a shaman sometimes because i got better gears not because i got better skill. I would be happy if shamans get entangle n bee and our heal n we just get the blind and earthquake. And abt pvp ,i seen ranger doing 1k plus damage and with blessing its impossible to win against them. And now ranger,bd and barb got more damage with amplify and shaman and druid advantage against them was our heal(to regain hp) and now we heal lower than before because of lower moon and astral. I wonder sometimes does the dev test the game before launch of a update or we always there beta tester! And about the amplify,i got no objection in it only is that i failed about 32times to get to +7 for my staffs. So if the rate of sucess is so low then why not make the cost of items required to amplify a bit lower. Give everyone a decent chance to fight,not like a lvl13 with +10 weapons and armour killing a lvl18. In every mmorpg higher lvl means more stronger but here who gets more money is stronger. I bought a lots of mcoins but seeing everything the way its going i feel sad to play it,no fun now. Its should be a environment where the people who can buy mcoin and who cant have decent chance of winning pvp versus each other,not like a guy with tons of mcoins owns the arena. For what we lvl18 going to play? No better boss drop,no important items that can be hunt to amplifly,no fun in pvp now. Atleast give us lvl18 something to be busy with like better boss drop. Now the arena items over shawdows every other items,and those can be get in a day. I used to buy mcoins a lot,sometimes 100euro a month,now i don't want too. I have +7 items,soon will make it +10,then i going to own every pro weak lvl18 who cant buy mcoins,its not fun. We need better opponents to show we strong not noobs with best gear +. Encourge us to buy mcoins,not force us n make the game fun. Remember we are lvl18 because we are dedicated,we are better long term earning option for the game than a season player. Atleast show us respect and gratitude and try to listen to us. We will give you guys time,we dont want everything in a day,communicate with us,show us hope that this game going to be like we asked,dreamed. Not like you guys robbing,forcing. Its just a plea because i want this game to be best, hope you guys do what we ask. We know its tough on you devs,its a hard job. Atleast make all of happy. Thanks
  6. Qing

    The FoF Clan Book

    Can i join fof clan? I know some of members in here which are also my good friends. I am a lvl18 druid. My character name is druid = qingaide, shaman = xqingaidex. Thanks :)
  7. 245 heal for a druid is impossible i think as i heal 233 with 2x good signet and expensive cape and light sash and rest bg items. The bg cloak got 1extra astral than expensive cloak,and bg astral ring got 1extra astral than good signet. Thats means with full bg drop a guy will have 3 extra astral than me. I not sure about 18astral amulet drop from guards. So with 3 extra astral 245 is imposible as far as i think. I am a lvl18 druid. And with bg drop(balance of both fury and light set) a guy can reach 236moon 180+ astral(178 heal) and 2400+ hp and 77hp regen . My druid stats are close to it.
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