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  1. i miss you all also, i will be back to ws again because cant leave you guys :) @pinoy = my ign is arriana , i am a knight/clerk combo so that i can defend and heal myself :P , i am now lvl19 and bosses are tough but fun,i just completed garden cave and i play in clawler server :) i dont know how to wisper or add friends so you can pm me :P cya and pls make my warlock lvl12 :D,i know i asking much but i hate the quest in ws now :( , sulla dont be lazi and shy pls see if sulla lvlup my warlock or not :D , love and miss you all really :)
  2. i was playing raiderz online yesterday and now i am lvl11 and i think this game is good as you have to make your own items using drops from monsters and nice graphics but still not so refine as expected in beta but i like it :) a nice fight as you need to dodge and atk using buttons so it feels real, till now i loving it :P , and how is everyone ? :) and i think my warlock is stuck in lvl8 :(
  3. thanks a lot to everyone and its a happy day but a bit sad because i am old now xD, i want to play a new game that has better gameplay and for PC, i can try raiderz :) pls give me a link :)
  4. how is everyone? haven't played warspear for sometimes so how is everyone doing? ::)
  5. Qing

    Offline Pics

    its been almost a year i playing this game and i made many good friends and even i not play this game much like before i just login to chat with them, its me ( druid name qingaide in eu server)
  6. Blind still better than roots as you can get time for heal without taking dmg and it reduce acc but it does not make the atk dodges always...and stats are all upto luck i feel,i hit with 0 acc and my atk dodges with 13% , sometimes i crit 3times in a row with 12% crit and sometimes does not crit at all with 18% crit . And i agree mclan need a class to beat the ranger or elfs will be op but in pvp between a shaman and druid with same items = shaman will win always considering the environment remain same like no one dodges or crit. .
  7. If shiphon life skill crit and does 800dmg? Than 800heal hp regen? Anyway nice skills
  8. Everything in warspear is depend on luck i guess. There is no basic maths here...some ppl gets to +6 without signs and some lose there items trying to make it +1. I bought 30signs plus 30dmg sphere and tried to amp my staff that was +4 and guess what? All failure and my staff still +4 . I agree trying to amp to +7 or +8 is hard but to make +5 and 30x failure and god knows how many more failure there will be to get to +5 and guess if this is rate of success than be ready to waste 200plus signs. Its a joke in the name of amp and when real money is involved there should be a better success rate and some guys dont have credit card,paypal or sms or some cant afford it and 50% of population falls into that class and what they do is they farm gold which is very hard thanks to stupid rate of degrading items when fighting and when they accumulate some amount to gold than they buy signs or other items with that gold and try to amp there weap or armour and with again with the stupid amp system(better call it a greedy system) there items will break or most of times or can say always will be a failure and they get fade up with this and they quit or remain a noob bullied by stronger ppl who are no better only that they were lucky to have a job or a bit rich. I have a question,is warspear thinking abt these people who work hard to farm gold and buy items with gold not by miracle coins? Hate to see big difference between rich and poor here. Untill dev or anyone fix these whole system there will be anger inside the players even dev give us new classes or anything. At a point the story will be same with the coming update as it is now as we people have to spend mcoins or farm gold(if you in this class you going to remain a noob) and if you weak its hard to get into a hunt team.. Will these system that make a vast inequility between the rich and poor be fixed? Ever?
  9. Wc wolfgirl and ryn giving beers to everyone that is a member or anyone joining,want everyone to be addicted? xD Joke
  10. I used to play travian also,won few endgames as cwl..but there also you can cheat because they let you play two account in same pc if you tell its your friend or other...and many a time you can transfer resourses from other account to grow your own village faster and it remain undetected..and even it gets detected it takes sometime..so its better to becareful ourself as these can be avoided by not trading this way or giving pw to others. I agree what you said to detect there ip,but how you going to detect a ip if i use mobile and use many different calling cards ? I would like a place like auction centre in nadir where you put the item you want to sell and put a price in gold or mcoins and whoever wants to buy it can buy it from there,atleast it will save spaming in trade chat and scams,i just my opinion.
  11. Then rich will make 5 char(multi) and take it to hunt lab bosses without dieing on the way xD
  12. Remember its a f2p game not a p2p game where if support ban a account then he have to pay to open another account(in this case he will be scared to scam again) but here this guy can open many account as he wants free even his other account is blocked..he will find other ways to scam so its better in our part to becareful. In your case you could have traded signs etc that would have been ingame transection and safer. Never trade mcoins as it can be scamed easily..and also you cant say he from eu server or other server as when you have mcoins in a account it can be transfered to any server making a new toon in that server. Never trust even your friends because money is the greatest greed,it can manipulate best of minds. I see many people writing everyday there accounts been scamed but 50% of the fault are there also for not taking care and trusting peoples. Here most that plays are kids for whom 10$ is a big thing. Just becareful peoples,support can help to some extant only and bad peoples will find other ways to scam
  13. It is ok with new factions and 6 new class to play but will the old classes like druids,bds,shaman,rogue etc get new skills as me as a druid the bees are overpowered,need a change in skills and i am curious to know if someone has lvl5 bees and its effects?
  14. Qing

    [ABC] Clanbook

    Merc played my shaman at day and you guys are funny really xD..And @irongear = if you want to see me then you have to be good friends of me (*_
  15. Qing

    [ABC] Clanbook

    Thats unfair now..elf got ranger,bd and druid and mcs got barb,shaman,rogue and one Grimsat(who can kill beholder in 1 hit) xD
  16. Qing

    The FoF Clan Book

    I already added you in my msn and was waiting xD
  17. Qing

    The FoF Clan Book

    I think the hp of the mobs has gone lower and its faster to kill so we still can hunt labs like before and now team work is more important and about repair scroll = the red wisp or other mobs hp is low so i going to farm gold :D. It will keep me busy.
  18. The blood is a good thing,when i was chatting today and i saw blood,i knews someone was hitting me so its a good warning..
  19. Developers or anyone whoever control the prices make the dmg by mobs as in version 2.6 and i have seen in other mmorpg that which ever items are bought mostly their prices goes down,but here which ever items are bought more the prices goes up, tell us whats the reason of inceasing the prices or repair scroll? Instead of increasing the value of monster drop,the prices of repair scroll gone up, and its so stupid to do so as when the prices of repair scroll was 9mc,we thought its better to buy mcoins to repair but 19mc for repair scroll? I will better use gold to repair as it dont cost me anything. Stop robbing us like this,instead ask donation for developement of game like pls donate whoever can donate,we will happily donate then,but dont play with mshop prices like that and show us how greedy you guys are..i just hating it now..developers has already increased prices of pots 2times since the launch of mshop..
  20. Qing

    The FoF Clan Book

    Warlunatic you are my friend and i will never hit u but trying to show us those pics just make me feel a bit bully from u..u trying to scare us with these. But the topic is we being killed by mcs even we never hit them 1st. I have been playing from ver.0.7 and we have friends in mcs who never atk us but the fact is those who are friends with us are very few left and they cant control the newbies or new generation from atking us..and in both sides there are newbies that dont know us and they atk at seight and they dont listen to us or u or anyone. The fof has a rule that we shouldnot atk a mcs untill they start atking 1st but in places like lab letting the mcs atk us 1st means a long walk again from respawn..and in the lab i have been killed 2times by mcs even few were friends there within but i didnot even atked them..so my hunting in that day is gone because of those few newbie mcs. And most elfs are in wog n fof and we have a attitude of not atking mcs but i think we need to change it,we should atk any mcs except our friend mcs that were with us from the very begining and i promise i will never break there trust on us but we should kill every other mcs on seight. That day we tried to go for hunt,kai died in half way so we returned to bring kai back,we started again n after we reach chief, mcs came and killed me,kry,species,red..so after 2hour of walking it all went to waste. I know sulla and other mcs friends there cant stop it as most of those mcs are newbies n likes to atk elfs..so it would be better for fof,wog to atk mcs at seights excepts the friend mcs. It just what i feel is good
  21. Qing

    The FoF Clan Book

    Thanks slay,merc and nyneja for the new year wish,i wish every fof members,my friends and everyone a great new year with lots of happiness. hong bao na lai? xD @merc = you should give me a gift because its my new year (^_*) And pls guys settle the disputes ingame,not in forum because some things are personal or private,let it be a issue inside fof rather than a reading topic for everyone. It doesnot look good :(
  22. Qing

    The FoF Clan Book

    He my enemy also for a longtime..once i was crossing the mobs at aa and my hp was half and he hit me from behind and there are many instances where he attacked doing quest
  23. Qing

    The FoF Clan Book

    Influence of watching too much animal planet..poor merc...
  24. Qing

    The FoF Clan Book

    Yes it will be good if we know the times they can be on for each active member so that we can make fix teams to do boss hunt daily and can share drops whoever needs. I can hunt from 6am to 9am and 5pm to 8pm european time(germany) althrough i will be returning china for 20days. Btw happy new year and merry christmas guys ...wish ya all a great new year ..cheers.
  25. Qing

    You Ripped us off

    You are lucky warlunatic that you got +8 in just 2500mcoin. I have spend more than 7000mcoins and still stuck at +7. More than 45 fails at +7. Its ok but i want a increase in percentage in sucess rate after every fail. For example the sucess rate of +7 to +8 is 20% then after 50fails the sucess rate becames 70%. That way we will be sure there will be a sucess after lots of failure. Now the sucess is just random luck. Pls increase percentage of sucess after every fail by 1% or 2 . And sign of imperishabity works as far as i tried. I failed more than 100times till now but my items are safe. But if it failed and you guys lost item then its maybe a bug. The admin. should check the matter than pointing someone lair or something. They should check the matter than point out if someone lies or not. Maybe its a bug or a lie. And pls developer increase percentage of success after every fail. That way we will atleast we are assured of a success at some point
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