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  1. LOL i love it wait, is melt even a real attack?
  2. everybody knows settling down and having a family and caring for your children isnt a sexist role, women that do it are simply being forced to by men. men are disgusting pigs and only use women. im a special snowflake and refuse to acknowledge history for the past thousands of years, i party and drink and im never settling down! >btw im a grill
  3. >im innocent because i wanted to make a profit seems legit
  4. keep denying it, the facts are all we need urowak will prove it too xD
  5. yes, will you stop posting now that everybody knows youre a thief?
  6. i am awaiting more to join that were involved
  7. literally dont understand any of this broken english pls just sit back and watch mate
  8. hahaha you think im ugly? just because i dont show my face to get white knights doesnt imply im a fat neckbeard i have more class than that dear im no pvprange either, i get my kicks in real life, i dont need to gather friends based on my appearance just to be popular, i do that merely by stating my opinions >it doesnt effect me >replies every time >pls no insults, youre a sociopath btw literally hilarious
  9. >no insults please or warnings will be given literally the laugh of the day right there, cant even have a civil conversation without you lashing out at everyone and implying nobody else can fight back
  10. shouldnt be a moderator if all you do is blackmail others when confronted on your own wrongdoings why did you become a moderator anyway? r0land made you one months and months after we all did. you didnt even have a supervision period like the rest of us. and since day 1 all youve done is start drama in mod forum and you continue to take advantage of other players by pretending to be an innocent "attractive" female which is all you need nowadays over the internet to get whiteknights to fight for you without proof btw, wheres your white knights? why is nobody defending you? you admit you stole gear from 2 other players yes? wheres ur friends to say you did nothing wrong?
  11. prove how he was right then, or continue flapping that mouth makes no difference
  12. lol not once have u said u didnt steal ladygi's gears or urowak's. just insulting others and digging up blackmail you want proof of past romances? how about YOU prove your innocence instead of changing the subject? again, you brought me into this by insulting me, so feel free to blackmail me too
  13. i banned someone for saying my name "swaaz" meant "swastika" and was called a "nazi prick" you banned me because i triggered your feminism get real here calling me a sociopath because it "fits perfectly"? im not the thief here, nor am i the topic of this subject its like youre being cornered and have to fight, keep bringing me into this and i wont leave. insulting others wont prove your innocence dear
  14. keeping it to herself only resulted in urowaks gears also being stolen =/
  15. special snowflakes dont have to obey rules why else do you think she banned another moderator back then without repercussions? i did something similar of the nature and got my ban rights permanently removed biased much
  16. how convenient of you to not remark on urowaks stolen gear and only insult ladygi instead >state your opinions but no insults >btw ur friends a sociopath youre a thief you brought me into this by insulting me, good day
  17. people on forum are saying its removed, but i play on pc and i still have it. idk. r0land said it was removed yesterday in russian forum
  18. message isnt there, its cool though i only played for you (no homo)
  19. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=user_activity&search_app=forums&mid=5467&sid=c21c5f7a0833d3ca7aae0ea488bc9365&search_app_filters[forums][searchInKey]=&userMode=content i see you posted your newest video 5 times, maybe you should follow your own advice and not spam?
  20. http://www.ign.com/articles/2015/04/28/dragon-ball-super-announced-with-july-premiere-date
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