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  1. if i could +10 any class id choose dk


    i feel they stack the best with darkness shield and +10 armor compared to any other class getting full +10s including ranger (ranger a close 2nd)


    i once fought a dk with +10 1h sword vs my +7 paladin, and he completely wrecked me no chance

  2. If the elfs are defending I'm sure that they kno the most favorite class will be lurking in the shadows of the flag.


    Lately there's been multiple skills which can detect a rogue in his or her stealth.


    Simply place a hard banner, dragons eye or traps/rush/explosives around.


    every 10 seconds, for an hour straight?


    pls no

  3. Just a question.


    What's the point of this topic now?


    doesnt need a topic, its tavern, post count disabled


    pvprange #1 pro player


    should die down within tomorrow for confirmation if the special snowflake is gonna rage ban me

  4. madness? you posted 1 video 4 times, another 5 times, and another 3 times. and i only looked on 2 pages on your comments! if i dug deeper id find enough reason to actually temporary ban you for spamming but ive been nice to you...



  5. This banning issue is annoying

    mods who can ban each other? Nah,that shouldnt be allowed.

    and in general its too much.

    i got 3 warning points for doing what?

    1. Reported a russian guy who posts videos with russian language in international forum (thought its not allowed) --> wrong reporting

    2. Posted my video in more topics (but each topic was about videos or about the topic in my video) --> "spamming"

    3. Posted a video in MY topic and in videos of the game --> still "spamming" said the moderator


    1 warning point i accept but 3? Wtf


    Not saying who the mod is but now he made me on a moderator queue for 7 days...thats crap.


    youve posted the same video 5 different times, and was warned not to do so. and you did it again 3 more times


    also, you were never banned, just warned. so dont esculate this or i will pull up the evidence =/

  6. kinda dividing by zero, seriously.

    Our contests are always about a lot of traffic.


    zeus made video contest but nobody entered cus it was in a dead section of the forum, you can still do your contests too, just sayin

  7. zeus tried to do some community events but only 1 person took it seriously enough to produce a valid application to win


    if he had some sort of higher authority to put his posts in news and announcements it might work


    just no more "selfie contests" please...

  8. i am judging by forum actions, not ingame. look my original post. ban was because of insulting language in moderating forum, not ingame


    pretty sure banning the special snowflake will result in me being removed, but youre right if no such action is given i will continue to moderate tavern 

  9. when a rogue is within a certain distance of a banner of the opposing faction, it should be revealed and taken out of stealth


    wars have become nothing but elves guarding banner, and 30 rogues hitting banner while invisible

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