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  1. Is there a connection between THEMERCS and Drizzzz's guild MERCS? or no... and either way, yes or no, who was first, and who copied who =O @}- :[
  2. I hate pvp with ranged people, they just run... except for warlocks,mages and rangers :[ i put them to sleep with a friendly poke of my spear @}- pm me for pvp "barbarian Conouiiija"
  3. icantwinx what is ur attack? maybe we should pvp some time soon u vs. my barbarian Conouiiija @}- :[
  4. Imma be a lvl 14 arena pro soon @}-... anyone rading this should pm me if they see me online "barbarian - conouiiija" :[
  5. I love to use my stun when the noobs try and run away @}- pm CONOUIIIJA lvl 6 atm but i be higher quickly... and i am a part of the UL if u dont know what UL is then hide ur kids and hide ur wives cause we coming for everyone out there in sapphire *hi* ]:>
  6. WTF is wrong with 600k mcoins more power to ya... but he probably a sithlord :!
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