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  1. Why ugraded novice gears stats? u ruined all who have amped 4lv-5lv horror/rage gears and made them worse than novice weapons and why novice armors same deff stats with greatness ones:'( u should prefer add 1% more dmg for physical dmg greatness rings and amulet plz why gm why :'(:'(
  2. Okay thanks alot for reply!:) I know will be sh*t to reply same questions many times sorry Im bit of noob in forum :(
  3. Im just wondering if u win arena season with Charmer wich greatness accesory you will get and wich armor? Magic dmg or dmg and cloth or heavy armor?
  4. How I can add photos to this topic? Or do I need to use pc for it?
  5. Why Arena achiviements doesnt work? Is that somekind of lag or what? Sorry for bad English hope you understand
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