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  1. I think with new matchmaking system noob rank can't be fight with pro rank (sorry for my english)
  2. I create my first legion char today and finish first map in 11 hours and 12mins with level 15 [/url]" /> [/url]" />
  3. Hi, I start new series of video which called "Warspear Challenge". This series consist to doing special challenge and have fun. Tell me if it's good idea and what challenge you want I do like win some fight arena without armor etc. This first video is not great challenge but it's just for launch the series. Thanks!
  4. Hi, This is small arena fight compilation I have do this day :
  5. Hi all warriors, Today I show you my methods to make gold,this remains a personal opinion.Thanks :
  6. Hi, I want to create a new class but in mc side. I like play tanker so I want know who is best tank between Barbarian and Deathknight. Thanks.
  7. Hi all warriors, This is my video for the contest And good luck to all the participants :
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