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  1. Deathknight Saturation - Bring back health regeneration attribute on top of life steal Warlock Stone Body - elfs should still be allowed to cast offensive skills on the warlock while this skill is active. Bloody Tribute - Should drain more mana Necromancer Panic - Should be a choosable AOE. the necro can choose where to cast this skill Barbarian Last Wish - should not be at 1 hp but at 1000 at least Shaman Energy Field - needs to be wayy longer. consider 5 second energy regeneration. level 1 should be atleast 20 seconds. Ancestors Hand - Should work upon control skills. ie, pull effect should work even if the player is hamstringed or rotted etc Rogue - Elusive Jump - should be able to crit Bladedancer Hamstring - SHOULDNT stun + stop skills + do damage. one of these need to go away. Druid Tornado - Should be increased to its original size. 5x5 Secret Link - NERF Ranger Point Shooting - Can be disabled by the ranger. just like stealth Explosive Trap - Should last longer Paladin Illumination - Should Work on all Types of classes Priest Elusive Threat - Rate needs to be decreased due to positioning Bugs in the game. players know what i mean. Gods Help - should increase critical heal power Mage Ethereal Banner - Level 4 is needed. Currently maxes at level 3... The class needs atleast 1 stun >. ___ Thats it...
  2. Thank you >. And.... In a war sense, its hard to notice whether the warlock has activated the skill, hence, people will use their skills on them and they will go to waste making them cooldown for longer. It'd make sense for people not to use skills on the warlock cus its a waste, but that's the exact point. Let those who rush waste their skills on the warlock allowing them to be sort of defenseless. I've seen this happen many times in arena, due to a warlock activating that skill, many of the characters elf's end up standing on their spot due to the fact you can't use skills on the warlock while that stonebody is active. Allowing it will make em waste their skills. And give meaning to the damn skill. Wtf is stopping elf's from using their skills against stony body? Oh wait, its just the gm tryna give them the upper hand again.
  3. Tf are you on about? And tf is CDR? Cooldown? If so, this has nothing to do with cooldowns, if you'd actually read the topic and used the skill you'd know know Players can attack the warlock, just not with skills. Someone tell me the logic and point in that and I'll glady oblige.
  4. Yes >. GMs....nerfing warlocks since 2013....
  5. People don't understand dammit. When a warlock uses stone body. Players CAN STILL ATTACK THE WARLOCK Its just that you cannot use ANY skills on them! Its illogical, what's the point? If it were you cannot heal the warlock because he is 'stone' that makes sense. But not able use attack skills on him doesn't add up. Where's the logic there? Might as well not allow players to even continue attacking the warlock if that's so.
  6. 1. Say a word 2. Reply with another word or thing relating to it. Eg: ice skating >>>ice>>>>drink I'll start ^^ ________ Chocolate
  7. Yes please add ! Stop being damn greedy u stupid meelees, what's wrong if we get an extra 24 magic? You'll kill healers in 4 hits instead of 3? Mages and warlocks will get 10% of your HP rather than 5%? Balance the game out and add it TY!
  8. Howcome players can't use skill on the warlock when he/she uses stonebody? I can understand if you don't want supportive skills to work, but offensive skills? You wana help elves cooldown their skills too? Fix it so players can still cast skills on the warlock please !
  9. Yeah I remember someone suggesting this before... 2 years later....nothing...
  10. Nah, the population ratio is already bad. Give MCs a chance ^-^. Use harass banner and other control skills for that
  11. Lol how? Timing and positioning is always ranomdzed....unless they are devs themselves its near impossible
  12. Yesss pleaseee. Would be nice to have chests available in events like these. Not all of us can afford to spend mcoins just to have a chance at getting something good. Even dungeons not enough. Pls consider gm :/
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