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  1. Actually I want to make a vid about u, but without guild buff. XD U've said buff only for noobs before. And u r buffed now. Lmao
  2. Idk this is bug or we just really lucky today. After we kill cicada its spawns another cicada, and after we kill second cicada we got this. Thx anyway devs its my second drop, and second costume at Legion side (US Sapphire) xD
  3. Yes, I want put the map also. But, someone already made a post about Astral Lab map. You can check it at "Guides" section. Thx for comment
  4. Now we can do B1-9 Solo (DK) . 2 DKs for B5, 6, 7. XD
  5. Subscribe my channel for videos about warspear.
  6. Subscribe my utube channel - Lukazzz Warspear

  7. Say that when you can do lab solo. Or B3 solo at least XD
  8. I will put ur name Will. I'm a pve player since bd getting OP.
  9. Hmm. Pala become OP this happens
  10. Why just my acc, crit, and dodge increased by 0.2%? (Great Charm) My penet and att.speed not increased like the others. Sorry to post here maybe its not a bug.
  11. I will try later. Follow this topic so u wont missed any info.
  12. Fatality! Liu Kang wins! XD I can hold bd +9/10 for up to 10 secs before counter skill exist. And commonly win. Now counter and ferocity is a nightmare. I prefer change my gear set into PvE.
  13. Oh you already link that vid. Thx XD
  14. Yea unfortunately in my vid the counter doesn't crit. Maybe my resi working good. But when I pvp another bd the counter does crit. I have lot of dodge, some parry, block but the counter still rarely to avoid. I hope dev reduce dmg of counter and reduce duration of hamstring. I hit bd 3k hp and my hp still full, and then he hams me and do fatality till my hp under 1k in few secs. I cant move, if I attack him counter will finish me. I think some players feel that too.
  15. I just want to do Swamp Slug acv in that day.XD
  16. My dodge 24%. I need absolute reflexes also.
  17. Actually just little problem here, but players cant tele to take Chest of Heavenly Brothers. Here is the screenshot: Hope you would fix it.
  18. No event, do something weird.
  19. I think no problem. Shaman still has good enough skills
  20. At least lv 20/22 bro. Just pm me in game.
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