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  1. I would like to ask why item [Mask of Dessert Wanderers] look has changed after 2.10 version update? For me old look was better because now it looks like cc helm. I hope You will fix, if no than explain why. Thank You.
  2. rytuks

    priest in arena

    priest is beast in arena when fighting aganist 6-14lvl players and have 5lvl shield but i dont think he will be so good aganist 15-20...
  3. 7 more hours left til 26th July in Russia. I think we can sleep few more hours :shout:
  4. i think paladin and dk will get crossbow because mace/spear have same icon (looks like hp icon) as crossbow.
  5. i like to ask why look of [Mask of Desert Wanderers] was changed after 2.10 version realease. Sorry for off topic.
  6. I think rangers/rouges should beat shamans/druids, shamans/druids should beat bladancers/barbarians and barbarians/bladedancers should beat rangers/rouges. Or chance to win aganist any class should be 50%/50%.
  7. ant labas korteles maziau nei 410mcoins neparduoda . Tai manau jam ir panasi problema.
  8. I like to ask few questions to mods admins and devs. Why You dont talk with players about game, like how you can inprove it that players will like warspear more. Or why You dont share with players information about what you going to change in game. Maybe many players dont like those changes or thay can offer how you can make it better. Hope You will read this message and anwser. Thank You.
  9. left 4 clases more to anonce ,so it mean that update will be after more than month? can mod or admin anwser...
  10. I like to ask two questions. Why most admins and mods are chating in russian forum. And why devs dont try to talk with players ? I understand that only small part of warspear players is talking in forum about game problems but you should listen them. Sorry for my english.
  11. Maybe devs could show how looks new cc or arena items in game? :blush:
  12. when chosen will come to secondary island they will do same quests as elfs or they have other quests. Because if there will be same quests they will have same cc , lab items i think :cray:
  13. i think there is no reason to ask questions because there shoud be new topic with all anwsers
  14. you mean there is one more rare costume ,not only dragon catcher?
  15. JAW what is those armors which you wear in left of that picture below your message?
  16. who can show how looks ranger/rouge lvl18 armors equiped :blush: ?
  17. i need berengar six shadows to :facepalm:
  18. i like that rouge stelh and barbarian chop will be powered than ranger weakened :blush:
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