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  1. now my charmer is 770 damage same staff set up with out dead man .. and I love it.
  2. I do 3/5/1/5/1 bird 4 /4 dead men or u can change dead men to the fire aoe skill for stun effect for dgs.. My charmer 680 damage 3.2 df for now 37% cd 27%crit 16%pent works well for me
  3. Better nerf warden before charmer. Stupid class design... Let's troll everyone bc they can't be killed
  4. efff I enjoy dg spamming lol... I used to love arena but its getting to much.. 100 buffs for a 10 sec fight to see who is the best?? and or not even fighting and killing the afk people on the other side of Map ouuu so fun.. but u like what u like I'm just saying. I don't find it fun killing afk people to cheat the system to get a free win. I don't find that fun at all.. and or getting stuck with a afk player either way the arena system is corrupted anyways. so I stay away from arena. but who knows new charmer might be the way to go
  5. exectlyyy ... shhhh if u can't even merg servers merge the auction house lol... like its sad I've been on this for about 10. years to loving the game to only playing it because of certain people and or just to pass time all I'm saying is that they need to get it together .
  6. ok so any t5 is good... its iffy but its something different.. I think its about time. and I'm glad that we are finally moving up.. if u ask me I think its a little late because certain servers are low on people and or died down a bit... now my question to everyone is that what is going to happen to all the servers that can't keep players? and or a grater number of elves vs mcs... if nobody is on mc then whats the point in war ect. I just want to know what is going to happen,, if u ask me I say merg certin servers and or merg the auction house from mc to elf so we are still able to get decent items.. and or any ideas
  7. Do u have anything planned for the lack of players on mc side? Is it possible to merge eu with us servers???? Or is everything just going to die out? I remember when mc side use to be full and now it's empty throughout the 10 years of playing warspear. I was just wondering if anything going to happen or should we switch over and just play on eu server ..
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