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  1. i mean with my mobile which is 50 kbps only, its not lagging, but when i use wifi with 350 kbps, its lagging and not loosing the slow internet connection icon, idk why is my wifi which have higher internet speed is more laggy than my mobile data.
  2. Binbasi and Yogamaster is a same user but 2 accounts, Dear Gm, please help us to get the guild Fukumc back, my friend Lordtaz which is the creator and the current leader of the guild was got very busy and he didnt know that the leadership will be passed if 9 days inactivity. Im the second in command of this guild, im also the leader of this guild, but this time Taz forgot to pass the lead to me, so the guild leadership has been passed to this guy that we didnt knew that was a scammer, taz made him heir so he could use exp skill. but we didnt expect that the leadership will be passed to him, Please GM help us take back our guild. This guild FukUmc made me meet my first friends, bestfriends, and best players. This guild gave us alot of memories, fun memories and also sad memories, we had a brotherhood with 2 more guilds, Guild Legend which is still active , and Reddragon which has been scammed also. We help each other in this brotherhood, we had alot of fun playing with the brotherhood. This guild was the bridge that connected us even tho we are far away to each other. It gave us Friendship, a good relationship to others. This guild was the best guild for me, ive been so loyal to this guild since i play, this is the only thing i can do right now Gm, he refused my offer to pay him to give back my guild, he kicked all my characters from the guild. Please GM, im begging you, help us to take back our guild, i really dont know what to do :'( i really love this guild. we've spent money to level this guild, we had super hardwork to make this guild one of the top, we put our time on this guild, and in just a one second, it will goin to be gone, Please GM, i dont want to lose this guild. GM please! please help us. Help us get back our Guild Fukumc. Elf; Bladedancer: Rapagilaz, level 28 EU-Emerald
  3. My internet is fast but i dont know why im still lagging at warspear, it always lag without any reason. Im the only one using the internet and only using warspear, but it still have lag. Is this warspear's problem ?
  4. Dear Daria, Please bring back the old counter attack. Its too much nerfed. It only activated by chance, and thay chance gives only low damage like 60 dmg and 0! (critical). How can that help? its so nerfed. please bring back the old Counter or make a book that can remove an Expert skill to a Slot so we can buy Book and replace to the Counter Attack. Please Bring back the old Counter. CounterAttack is the only hope for bds. Please
  6. there is a bug in craft too in Melee Weapon. Shield craft has no name
  7. Welcome Darla *hi* I will be missing you Mr. R0land Keep up the good work AIGRIND and hope you guys can hear/read my suggestion please cause actually im getting hard and not satisfied in some problems like on chat of Samsung Galaxy Y. i cant see what im chatting and i most like the chat in trade chat that i can link many items in chat. please read my suggestions -Greetings from yours truly, --Rapagilaz-- (Eu - Emerald)
  8. rogues should be nerfed and barbarian
  9. make mcoin shop discount please or give barber sets for everyone
  10. gm pls give Oblivion books to everyone please
  11. whats 10 Cet to US time or Philippine time?
  12. GM if ur not going to remove it then remove the reduced dmg to mobs. so our AP Weapons are wasted cause many non arena char is using ap weapons
  13. Please Remove Ferocity, many Players get sucked in this Ferocity! and this is the WORST UPDATE EVER THAT YOU MADE. 60% of players got bored because of this Ferocity, Please Remove this ASAP.
  14. make war 2 times a day xD HAHA Joke please make a portal to go in other realms
  15. make it 15Cet please (3pm Cet)
  16. I just want to say to make the time more earlier (5-3 hours earlier) please
  17. i want to go but my character will be wasted in Eu emerald maybe GM can make a Portal to go in other Realms
  18. can GM and Developers make a PH Server ? (Philippine Server) so the time will not a problem.
  19. Dear Developers & GMs, I Suggest to Change the war time in Eu Emerald From 18Cet to 15Cet. Because many players cant join war because it is very Early in the Morning. ( Its 2am here at Philippines ),. Many players wants to join the war, but its hard to wake up! some Players have Work and Classes. And Remember you made a Achievement for War Times, but how we can make it if we cant Join war, This is my Suggestion and I hope you will make this ASAP ! Please Developers & GMs. Thank you for Reading my Suggestion, this is Serious. -Rapagilaz
  21. hentbank


    I Didnt joined the war because of the Bug !!! im from Horror Circus then going to Islenort, when I Arrived at Gasphel, the Game was AutoClosing ! 2 of my Characters was on Gasphel Still now !!!! GM MIGHT FIX THIS BUG AS SOON AS POSSIBLE ! Everytime im opening my char its AutoClosing ! i cant Play !!!!!! -Rapagilaz
  22. Wheres the Vote Botton ?? (English Translate) Nasan ung Vote Botton ?? (Filipino Translate) totoy tataka san butones ?? (Jupiter Translate)
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