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  1. GM, Can you help me? i lost my email login to game but i remember my ID number :blush: Please help
  2. hey guys who can help me kill drogon ? :blush: ;D
  3. Yeah , I need berengar guard to.. just need drogon :blush: Please help !
  4. guys who want help me kill Gariel?
  5. he is Brad pitt right? :wacko:
  6. how about me ?I accepted?
  7. wkwkwkw bnyk maho ;D :bad:
  8. Bencong is banci right? O:-)
  9. lol are you bencong to? :lol:
  10. Yeah i can do that :good: IGN : Littleboy Rank 4 Firtborn Server EU-Emerald Iam a Blade dancer ;D
  11. may i join FOF? and how? :blush: ;)
  12. Yeahi will run for life :D
  13. Yeah, thanks uNow i need to kill Granite Guard :blush: :pleasantry:
  14. lolim Firstborn Emerald , u?
  15. Who can help me kill Kratt? :blush:
  16. whether blade dancer good wear one-handed sword? :blush:
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