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  1. Just started playing again over weekend and cant access MC shop. New alternate way to buy coins? or is United States MC shop down last 3 days? Thank you for your help.
  2. Does Block passive skill only work with shield? If it works without shield, then does it lower overall damage absorbed? Furthermore, does this passive skill currently work at the moment or is it broken like dodge? thank you for any answers.
  3. Play in California and while I have experienced lag and connection issues last 4-5 days I was still able to complete daily quests. Over the last 12 hours tried to log on 4-5 times and have been able to maintain connection for less the 2-3 minutes before being booted. 5 days after problem first surfaced the game has been rendered unplayable.
  4. thank you for the prompt response. worked perdectly
  5. Noticed that offhand damage is consistently 7-8 points lower per hit. Can you confirm that Bd damage was lowered?
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