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  1. 21 minutes ago, vla-wot said:

    if gm no make fix, babo u have luck bug traps and gz, gm no fix warspear dead

    Gib salt gib tears. Learn to play other classes than barb 😛

  2. So who of you guys afk these chars? Isnt that sharing?  I have seen Vsop trying to win us in seals with a necro hes afking (Bloodz). He just puts it in the seal while the others die. These 2 bd chars showed in the screenshot were shared with so many people. 

    11 minutes ago, fall said:

    can't do this, even if I don't have a job, I still have a life, can't play games like this.

     Then why are your character online for 48h straight? its because all of you share with each other. Kill them once in 3x3 and they all suddenly log off. Then after  one hour suddenly everyone starts to fight. 



  3. Is it possible that a arena award Armor lvl 22 get to lvl 24 when you wear lvl 24  award boots? i seen a shaman he won 3 awards in lvl 26 and 1 award in 24. He has full set lvl 26. He didnt won 4 seasons in lvl 26.

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