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  1. Guys please change exchange system in 1slot u can put like 1set sign wht abt 100set or arena tick wenn buy much it takes time it help faster do exchange n cant do trade for good items in same time.Or trading good items costums other person ask give me first i will pay somting like that.Can be good for us sellers n bad for scammers. Ithink u understand my idea
  2. One question do u want play with bugs or play good n wait till finish? Id like wait but there use ur time other not post n post
  3. if want like said before cbow n bow in mc side drop so in my oponion better make dealer same witch accept from both side items n any side can buy in market that i think idk but i think can be possible
  4. why noone make top priest bd lock etc
  5. i always wanted to ask why ice queen got same 6% ring n amu 7% as arena reward but why aquilions got 6% ring arena got 10% amu got 7% not same as arena reward 15% why allways melee should better then caster i think should be fair
  6. yes the fb can be deleted only by old owner or otherwise is impossible
  7. the bought acc or traded n maybe old owner linked it so the can reback our acc anytime ewryone can test its say same
  8. necrodemo


    i think its time to come after snow new heroic set equips it will be awesome maybe for me or for all light equips should have cooldown stats again n heavy need new bonus with defence n for last same like kw set was i think in my oponion just
  9. for my oponion priests class need better skills even the can make pvp skill biuld theres is some things in priest skills witch makes easy lose priest vs heal class.priest is good just for dgs farm but not in pvp realy priests users are hard to play
  10. wenn the time become new reward tour changes cc now useless all same to buy no new things
  11. necrodemo


    arflexx i think u want pvp n try kick my ass:D lets see if i win u delete account if i lose i delete account but 100% i win
  12. i tested mystic mark 1/4 biuld on char by used it taked same def as 3/4 so why anyways need skill points for that skill use i thinked is increase but not just wasted skill book
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