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  1. A few more questions. I've heard at lvl 14, you have to find a relic or something?? Where would that be for a Ranger?? And then I see some people with their name red, I assume they are in some PVP mode. How do you do that?
  2. I've read about getting better armor by finishing this mission. What is and where is it???
  3. You said on the other post about your lvl, has only a few places it will give items. So does it go by level then or how can you determine what dungeons will give you items? I'm just trying to understand how they work, so I don't just go in one and waste Seeker Stamina.
  4. Ahhh, dang. Is that all dungeons or when they are on Easy lvl?
  5. I posted in another post, but I did dungeon and I was not able to get, or even see, any loot, but the other guy I was with could. I'm lvl 14 and he's lvl 6, (Ranger) and this was on the starting island.
  6. So I tried my first dungeon. I'm a Ranger and it was on the first island so it was easier. I'm lvl 14 and I was with a lvl 6. When we beat it, I was not able to get any prize, but he was. This was even after another go and I opened first and there was nothing, then he opened and got the prize. Why is this????
  7. I've played off and on since 2014, so I wouldn't say I'm a very experienced player. I usually just go for quests, since I liked playing by myself. But recently, I've been more interested in the game and everything with it. I have a few questions about it though; 1)How do dungeons work? Whats the Seeker's stamina for? And what would be the easiest for someone new? 2)What are some easy ways for someone to get gold? I can't spend tons on MCoins to sell the items, so something new would be preferable. 3)Are there any Guilds that I can join? I play as a Rogue(Mountain Clans), idk if that changes
  8. Brody2680


    If anyone wants to, please add me into a Guild. I'm new to it so forgive my noobiness :x Mitzer is my user.
  9. Just a quick question, is there anyone I can just direct message to ask random questions, randomly? I've been playing for about 2 years off and on, but I always kept to myself and just did the quests. I've been getting interested in Guilds and Arena's and so much more, but I don't know what half of this stuff is. Just looking for someone to take me as their padawan :3
  10. Brody2680


    So when you join one, is there Guild missions? What do you win or get, other then the bonuses and meeting new people. I'm just trying to understand it more. I've played for a few years, but I usually kept to myself so I don't really know much about the game(places, items, arena, etc.)
  11. Brody2680


    Can someone explain Guilds and how they work? I usually just do quests but want to start looking into Guilds.
  12. Brody2680


    And is there a place where you can look up items and where they are?
  13. Brody2680


    How do you get the rune Vampirism without buying it?
  14. It just keeps saying I can't connect to Facebook. Have you heard of this or something to fix it on my part? I'm using a Kindle Fire, not sure if that'd help.
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