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  1. Hii @Higgings Well you can't use 2 characters of the same account at the same time and we already got a shared personal warehouse for each account right? Simply we get allowed to deposit our personal stuff in that storage and withdraw from other characters of the account. I believe even coding wise it shouldn't be that difficult, also why would you buy the same armor or weapon over and over again for each character that you own, while u got it already inside your account but in other character's storage and don't forget the enchantments and amplifications for each gear over and over again the real never ending suffering. This way would make it easier for the players to try different characters from the same side like this feature would probably be implemented between the characters of the Elf side of your account and same goes for the MC side characters of the account.
  2. I suggest adding the possibility to use private equipments freely inside the account shared between characters of the account with all the enchantments and amplifications, this way we dont have to buy the same gears over and over again for each character inside our accounts.
  3. Sad.. I love MC Classes more than Elves but this game sides with Elf Side more... I dont think of coming back to play anytime soon
  4. Nice, I'm glad physical chief got some attention, that would make me think of playing the game again after quitting for a while.
  5. Sad.. Another Masked Costume, we need more costumes like Fatum
  6. Let's hope it will be better than this year's Horror event, I'm wishing for something new and different than last year's Snow event, like something less repetitive?
  7. Bruh, Physical chief can't use Most of his Magical AOE skills, only eagle skill which deal Bleeding as physical damage, also Seeker got AOE Auto Atk skill which could be even better in many situations and they are even nerfing Eagle in Snow update soon, Almost All other Damage dealing classes got 2x Stat buffs skills even BD got Atk speed + Cooldown while it's supposed to be tank at first place, Bestial Wrath for Chieftain is like a nerfed version of that skill cuz u need to wear different weapon type to get different stat buff.
  8. Horror event this year had much potential but idk why we didn't get most of it, like we wanted to see new Armors with stun bonuses or accessories with Stun other than Rings, why we didn't get new Amulet and Cape with stun bonuses and no Crafted Stun Accessories Tasks even for the new stun rings ?
  9. Raid bosses Drops System isn't fair, like only 1 Damage party get the drop from raid while whole guild helped killing it, i mean why not Changing it to be similar to Noctuna or Rottung guild events? A guild event where killing Raid give everyone chests rewards with low chance to get Book or Costume, it would still be rare but everyone who helped would get the chance to drop instead of that 1 specific party who dealt the highest DMG. I believe that other support and tank classes deserve to get drop from raids as well not only Damagers
  10. Bestial Wrath need a rework, i mean why would a class with Heavy Weapons go Speed build anyway? It make no sense, and it should be 2 Buffs instead of 1 pointless buff it would be fair since other damage dealing classes got skills that buff 2 stats using same skill, i mean why that Weapon restriction? Like if u wear this u get that buff, other classes don't have weapon restrictions i believe.
  11. Please Buff Bestial Wrath For Chieftain, Why not letting Chief get both buffs from that skill like other damage dealing classes? This would give Physical Chief Build more value since now everyone is moving to magical build. Bestial Wrath Rework https://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?/topic/374352-bestial-wrath-rework/
  12. As of now Bestial Wrath Expert skill Increases one stat parameter only to the chieftain depending on the weapon type its wearing while other similar damage dealing classes got similar stats buff skills with Two stats parameter increase for whatever the weapon they are wearing. Examples: As of all that, it's reasonable to say that chieftain deserves a second stat increase as well. Current Bestial Wrath at 4/4: My Rework's Suggestion: Activating Bestial Wrath Skill increases Attack speed and Penetration parameters of the character if equipped with One-Handed Weapon and increases Skills Cooldown speed and Penetration parameters of the character if equipped with Two-Handed Weapon. Thanks for Concerning.
  13. I suggest giving the ability of trading miracle coins in-game between player, that way free-to-play players can use the benefits of opening extra skill slots or changing name or activating battle pass or changing guild's name maybe. If it's about security issues or code programming difficulty, then this is an Alternative idea: - Add bags of miracle coins to the Miracle shop like bag of 250 miracle coins that cost 250 miracle coins to be bought as example, that bag is tradable and if a player use it, it will add 250 miracle coins to his balance, Actually i been to some online game which had this feature and hoping one day to see at least something similar in Warspear too. Hope this idea get your attentions and Thank you for concerning
  14. This class is really interesting also his name could be Forest guardian.
  15. We need Swamps chapter 2 for sure, swamp's the most enjoyable place in Warspear, maybe some different theme tho like Forest maps or deserts full of sand with puzzles and weird mechanics
  16. Heat - EU


    I suggest to make some small cute creatures that can buff players and follow them wherever they go like small flying bird or cat or even Bouncing Egg or Ball. Pets could have stats and they need to be leveled up by doing quests that give Pet Exp with players quests or feeding them some special food to make them get Stronger, more Survivability and their buffs gets better each level. Maybe give each pet a skill that player can use as Pet Skill. If pet die it will start a counter time that makes them revive after it ends or using some special potion or scroll to revive them without having to wait. We already have minions i know but they are limited by time and they can't be controlled somehow, having permanent pets that we can take care of is something cool to see in Warspear.
  17. Poco X3 is a strong Device even tho it's in the Midrange section, I spoke aith the Devs and they are aware of the issue, it's related to Warspear not the phone, Cuz Warspear can work on potato phone normally while 6GB ram device having issue? Btw i know the solution for now, Go to settings in game and put sounds volume to zero and the game will work normally.
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